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Hong Kong set for fresh protests as police end university siege

by AFP/ pic by AFP
CHINA – Hong Kong police on Friday ended their two-week siege of a university campus that became a battleground with ...

Singapore uses law against misinformation for first time

by AFP/ pic by BLOOMBERG
SINGAPORE – Singapore used its law to combat misinformation for the first time Monday, ordering an opposition figure to ...
China Xinjiang AFP

New leak reveals how China runs Xinjiang camps

by AFP/ pic by AFP
BEIJING – Leaked government documents outlining the need to prevent escape, double lock doors and constantly monitor detainees ...
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Indonesia ministries ban pregnant, LGBT job seekers: report

by AFP/ pic by AFP
JAKARTA – Several Indonesian ministries are banning pregnant, disabled, or LGBT job hunters in favour of what one called ...

Arrests ordered in Philippines vaping ban

by AFP/ pic by BLOOMBERG
MANILA – Just hours after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced he would ban e-cigarette use, police were ...
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Diehards hold out at Hong Kong campus as foreign pressure grows

by AFP/ pic by AFP
HONG KONG – Dozens of pro-democracy protesters remained holed up inside a besieged Hong Kong university campus for a fourth ...

Google healthcare project targeted by Congress committee

by AFP/ pic by AFP
SAN FRANCISCO – A US congressional committee on Monday asked for a briefing on a Google project to modernize healthcare while ...
by AFP/ pic by AFP

United States, EU back Georgia protesters

by AFP/ pic by AFP
GEORGIA – The United States and European Union expressed solidarity Monday with Georgia’s anti-government protesters who ...

Protesters set fire to hold off police at Hong Kong campus

by AFP/ pic by AFP
HONG KONG – Pro-democracy demonstrators holed up in a Hong Kong university campus set the main entrance ablaze Monday after ...
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China confirms aircraft carrier sailed through Taiwan Strait

by AFP/ pic by AFP BEIJING – China confirmed on Monday that its first domestically built aircraft carrier had sailed through the Taiwan ...

In from the cold: Mr Stop Brexit runs for parliament

by AFP/ pic by TMR FILE
LONDON – After more than two years spent protesting outside parliament with his EU flags and shouts of “Stop ...

EU keeps hopes of Brexit deal alive, for now

by AFP/ pic by BLOOMBERG
LUXEMBOURG – A Brexit deal could yet be reached this week, the chief EU negotiator said Monday, but member states warned ...