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Friday Jottings: When heels deter healing

THERE is rhyme and reason that a couple of jarring notes are adding discordance to the Pakatan Harapan and Barisan…

2 hours ago

Will new govt abandon current model for 5G rollout?

The monopolistic SWN model was the key culprit behind the sector’s de-rating over the last 2 years  THE telecommunication sector…

2 days ago

Friday Jottings: Void treading on oblivion

IT WAS observed that on the rear of a GOKL bus, a free service provided by the City Hall, the…

1 week ago

Tough road ahead for Malaysia and Anwar

Key challenges include upcoming state elections, balancing federal finances and addressing racial disunity by AFIQ HANIF / Pic by MUHD AMIN…

1 month ago

Friday Jottings: Tieless, and tied to new ties

Despite that a month has passed since the new Government was formed, and the 10th Prime Minister appointment, the exuberance…

1 month ago

Long-term solution needed for effective public transport system

Currently, it is too costly and beyond the govt’s resources to have effective public transport in place and for most…

2 months ago

Anwar announces 27 deputy ministers

by HABHAJAN SINGH / pic credit: Istana Negara FB PRIME Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim last Friday named 27 deputy…

2 months ago

Power over principle? Anwar’s biggest gamble yet

If the govt delivers, Anwar’s deft move in partnering Zahid may be a forerunner to a truly multicultural and multiracial…

2 months ago

Mixed opinions on appointing those with ongoing court cases

Ahmad Zahid’s appointment as DPM has invited criticism, but the public still has high hopes on Pakatan Harapan’s war against…

2 months ago

Friday Jottings: New brooms left in the rubbish

IT must be the ultimate insult for a popular Malaysian singer, whose remix of a classic song that was extensively…

2 months ago

Take salary, dear ministers, but deliver us a darn good job

Anwar and his new unity govt will have to find ways to clean up the act and deliver the goods…

2 months ago

TMR | (LIVE) Malaysia Cabinet Line-up announcement

TMR | (LIVE) Malaysia Cabinet Line-up announcement

2 months ago

Friday Jottings: One’s extremist is another’s saviour Part 2

Some Pakatan Harapan leaders and supporters alike, are falling over each other in trying to justify the new alliance between…

2 months ago