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Dr Masliza Mahmod

Malaysian scientist wins grant from British Heart Foundation

Oxford-based Dr Masliza will lead a team to test new treatment for heart valve disease
By HABHAJAN SINGH A Malaysian researcher played a lead role in ...

Most new CEOs are overwhelmed, says survey

MICHIGAN • New CEOs, particularly those who are promoted from within, said they feel overwhelmed and unprepared — especially since they’re increasingly ...

London law companies are divided over true gender pay gap

The numbers came in and, at first glance, they weren’t the worst: The average gender pay gap for the largest 25 UK law firms by revenue was 20%. That was ...

Gender pay gap highlights untapped potential of UK economy

New disclosure rules reveal a country in which female workers continue to be paid significantly less than their male counterparts
London • It was the ...
USG Boral Building Products Pte Ltd

USG Boral moves corporate HQ from KL to S’pore

By TMR / Graphic By TMR
USG Boral Building Products Pte Ltd, a building products technology provider, has moved its corporate headquarters from Kuala ...

982 students to benefit from Malakoff’s ‘Jom Sarap’ initiative in Pontian

By TMR / Pic By TMR
Some 982 students from seven schools in Pontian, Johor, will now get free breakfast at the school canteen, thanks to an initiative ...

Are global corporations taking their citizenship roles seriously?

A number of efforts are underway to inject good governance and corporate citizenship issues into board rooms and general meetings
Datuk Roslan Ab Rahman

TNB to host power supply industry conference after 22 years

Some 1,500 electric power supply industry experts are expected to converge in Kuala Lumpur for an international conference in September 2018. ...
Datuk Dr Abu Bakar Mohamad Diah

More than 5m students to benefit from STEM centre

The setting up of a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning centre is expected to benefit more than ...
Generations Z

Tips for bosses preparing to hire Gen Z

They are cooperative, capable of working well with others, highly adaptable and con dent of dealing with change. They have a natural affinity with digital ...

Demand for programmers hits full boil as US job market simmers

WASHINGTON • Ouliana Trofimenko and Annie Rihn, who work for different technology companies on the West Coast, are both on the front lines of one of the ...
The AI Congress London Exhibition

Just how shallow is the AI talent pool?

LONDON • Everyone agrees that the competition to hire people who know how to build artificial intelligence (AI) systems is intense. It’s ...