Coming next, professional titles for financial markets players

FMAM is expected to play a more active role in professional education and market conduct
by HABHAJAN SINGH The Financial Markets Association of ...

MIA’s journey to the adoption of integrated reporting

The Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) is a key advocate for integrated reporting in the Malaysian capital market.
We have helped raise the ...
The Monetary Authority of Singapore

Singapore regulator appoints chief cyber security officer

Cyber security is certainly a major area of concern for regulators, financial institutions and corporations. The Monetary ...
Snake and ladders

Snakes and ladders game to battle fraud

Kenanga creates anti-fraud games to get company-wide participation in 6-week fraud awareness programme
By HABHAJAN SINGH Snakes and ladders, jigsaw, ...

What happens when you seek legal ‘quick advice’

If you have a serious problem, then go get serious advice, says one lawyer
If You need legal advice, you need to retain counsel. Period. This was the ...

Cyber dimension of third-party risks

Corporate treasury is now a top target for cybercriminals, according to a recent survey of people managing the treasury of 19 different sectors in the US. ...
National Convention on Good Regulatory Practice 2017

Building unified online public consultation

Malaysia is working with World Bank on building blocks to improve regulatory policy, management
BY HABHAJAN SINGH Malaysia is working with the World ...
JPMorgan Chase & Co

Women directors urged to rock the boat

Women may ask questions in a different way, and the very fact that we‘re asking a question rocks the boat
A woman director has called on fellow women ...

CFOs ideal to drive integrated reporting

Integrated reporting is about achieving better outcomes from reporting, says International Integrated Reporting Council

MIA symposium to discuss if Enron could happen again

Board gender diversity, integrated reporting and cyber risk are among the issues that will be discussed at the Corporate Board Symposium 2017 organised by ...

AIG finds ‘safer harbour’ after years of retrenchment, regulation

AIG is now dwarfed by other financial institutions by market capitalisation
Pic By BLOOMBERG NEW YORK • The US government and American ...
BAE Systems

Identifying parties dabbling in money laundering

BAE Systems identifies 6 criminal types responsible for money laundering to help businesses fight threat posed by financial crime ...