KPDN admits the delays of fleet card issuance, says it’s because of oil companies


THE Domestic Trade and Cost Living Ministry (KPDN) admitted there were delays in issuing fleet cards under the Subsidised Diesel Control System 2.0 (SKDS 2.0) but it was not due to the government’s approval.

Its minister, Datuk Armizan Mohd Ali (picture) said the ministry has been approving the applications, the delays are in the issuance of fleet cards from oil companies.

“We will continue the engagements with these core oil companies to ensure quicker issuance.

“My ministry and the Ministry of Finance are facilitating the reimbursement process

“I also request that the oil companies now implement the use of cash cards while waiting for the fleet cards to be issued,” he said during the minister’s question time in parliament today.

Armizan said the government will continue to work closely with the five oil companies to expedite the issuance of these fleet cards.

He said this in response to Khoo Poay Tiong(PH-Kota Melaka) who inquired about the fleet card issues delay.

Poay Tiong said that although the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDN) gave approval in March and April, many land transport companies have still not received their fleet cards to this day. 

He said that this delay has caused problems for these companies, even though they can claim reimbursement.