Ecological conservation efforts rewarded with better environment

DONGYING, China, June 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from 

Dongying in East China’s Shandong province has been making significant strides in implementing the national strategy for the protection of the Yellow River in recent years, focusing on advancing ecological conservation and promoting green, low-carbon and high-quality development.

Its efforts have resulted in a remarkable improvement in the quality of the ecological environment, with steady progress made in the construction of an ecological civilization and the continuous enhancement of the environmental governance system.

The heart of these efforts lies in the building of the Yellow River Delta National Nature Reserve, where a diverse array of bird species has found sanctuary. Thanks to the comprehensive ecological restoration network established around the reserve, the bird population has doubled since the reserve’s inception, showcasing the success of conservation and restoration efforts.

With the creation of the Yellow River Estuary National Park, the city has pioneered wetland restoration models specific to the Yellow River Estuary. Through 17 wetland restoration projects, the reserve has replenished 469 million cubic meters of water, connected over 241 kilometers of water systems, and restored 282,000 mu (18,800 hectares) of freshwater wetlands, among other achievements.

What were once barren or saline-alkali lands have been transformed into lush wetlands teeming with biodiversity, creating a paradise for birds. A total of 373 bird species have been identified in the reserve.

Dongying has also made targeted efforts to combat severe pollution by enhancing the coordinated control of PM2.5 and ozone. By emphasizing targeted and scientific atmospheric governance, the city has seen stable improvement in key environmental indicators.

To drive ecological conservation, the city has been developing a green, low-carbon economy. It has accelerated the implementation of the “dual carbon” strategy of peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality, with 20 key emission units in the power generation sector participating in national carbon emission trading.

Furthermore, Dongying is focusing on innovative approaches in the construction of a park city, aiming to create a livable and prosperous environment while enhancing modern urban governance.

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