LOS ANGELES, June 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — For the fifth consecutive year, multi-Grammy Award and Emmy award-winning artist Lizzo is proud to announce her annual Juneteenth Giveback, which will honor Juneteenth’s legacy of emancipation and the continued fight for freedom and equality.


First launched in 2020, Lizzo’s Juneteenth Giveback has since become an annual tradition to spotlight community organizations, address systemic inequalities and uplift marginalized groups, including Black women and girls, LGBTQIA+ youth, and healthcare workers.

In this year’s Juneteenth Giveback, she will uplift unsung heroes, highlight critical organizations, and engage in powerful conversations with Americans who are changing their communities.

“I’m so proud to announce the *5th year* of my annual Juneteenth Giveback,” said Lizzo. “Y’all know each year I aim to support and shine a light on the work of Black-centered grassroots organizations and movements. 

This year— we’re talking about the Intersectionality of Liberation. Where I’ll have uplifting conversations with incredible black reproductive health activists, LGBTQ+ heroes, The powerful women humanizing the houseless crises to promising young, environmentalist leaders. We take the time to honor and thank these organizers who remind us activism can be a life’s work. 

Go to to find out more info on the work of these activists and how you can take action! Cuz we ain’t free til we ALL free.”

Lizzo’s 2024 Juneteenth Giveback will highlight a series of initiatives and will include inspiring conversations:

  • Today, June 19: “In Conversation” with Planned Parenthood Clinician Kara James: On Juneteenth, Lizzo will kick off her 5th annual Juneteenth Giveback with an insightful conversation with Planned Parenthood clinician Kara James. They will discuss the intersections of Black women’s health, reproductive justice, and the importance of community health for all.
  • Thursday, June 20: “In Conversation” with Save Our Sisters United and Little Miss Flint: Lizzo will engage in a powerful dialogue with Atlantis Narcisse, founder of Save Our Sisters United, Inc. (S.O.S.U.), and youth environmental activist Mari Copeny, also known as Little Miss Flint. They will discuss the challenges and triumphs of their advocacy work and the importance of making a difference in our communities, no matter the issue.
  • Friday, June 21: “In Conversation” with Shirley Raines and University of Houston “Sasha Be Flooting” Scholarship Announcement: Lizzo will converse with Ms. Shirley Raines, CEO and Founder of Beauty 2 The Streetz, about the significance of providing support and resources to underserved communities.
    • Additionally, Lizzo will provide an update on the “Sasha Be Flooting” Scholarship, which she launched last Juneteenth to award to a student at the University of Houston Moores School of Music.

Learn more about how you can take action at

About the Featured Heroes and Causes:

  • Kara James – Planned Parenthood: Kara James is a Planned Parenthood nurse practitioner dedicated to saving Black women’s lives. She founded the Planned Parenthood Black Health Initiative (BHI) in 2022, focusing on education, preventative care, and community support. Learn more.
  • Atlantis Narcisse – Save Our Sisters United, Inc. (S.O.S.U.) Atlantis Narcisse is a native Houstonian and founder of Save Our Sisters United, Inc. (S.O.S.U.), which aims to protect and empower Black Trans and Cis women. Narcisse is a renowned activist and mentor committed to dismantling stigma and fostering unity. Learn more.
  • Mari Copeny – Little Miss Flint: Mari Copeny, known as Little Miss Flint, is a 16-year-old environmental activist from Flint, Michigan. She has been raising awareness about the Flint water crisis since she was eight years old and continues to advocate for clean water nationwide. Learn more.
  • Shirley Raines – Beauty 2 The Streetz: Ms. Shirley Raines is the Founder and CEO of Beauty 2 The Streetz, a non-profit organization providing support and resources to the homeless. Based in Long Beach, CA, the organization offers services that restore self-worth and dignity. Learn more.
  • University of Houston Moores School of Music “Sasha Be Flooting” Scholarship: Last Juneteenth, Lizzo announced the $50,000 “Sasha Be Flooting” Scholarship for a student at the University of Houston.

Join Lizzo in celebrating Juneteenth by learning more about these incredible Americans and taking action to support their work. For more information, visit and follow Lizzo on social media.

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