Helixx Industries Ltd. Announces the Appointment of Dr. Young-Dall Lee as Vice Chairman to help accelerate future growth and investment

OXFORD, England, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Helixx Industries Ltd., a leading innovator in sustainable last-mile mobility and urban transportation, is today announcing the appointment of Dr. Young-Dall Lee as Vice Chairman and Corporate Board Member to help drive an ambitious growth plan..

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Dr. Lee’s key responsibilities will include formulating ambitious capitalization and funding strategies, and spearheading global innovation acceleration to keep Helixx at the forefront of sustainable last-mile mobility and urban transportation. He will also be pivotal in executing Helixx’s Corporate Business Strategies, focusing on sustainable growth, market expansion, strategic partnerships, operational efficiency, and maintaining innovation leadership.

Steve Pegg, Helixx founder and CEO: “I am hugely excited that Dr Lee is joining our board as Vice Chairman helping to propel us to the next level. Helixx has successfully launched its prototype Cargo vehicle, and we are in the process of building a further 100 for scheduled pilot projects with major global operators. This approach will position Helixx to transition to a full market launch.

Dr. Lee has been instrumental in this process. Since last year, his extensive expertise as a professor in global entrepreneurship and strategy has refined our Customer Value Propositions and Corporate Business Strategies. His contributions have led to the development of ‘The VE-MaaS™ Solution,’ a fully vertically integrated Eco-Smart Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform designed to redefine last-mile mobility and urban transportation, and the new corporate slogan ‘Move Better.'”

Today, Helixx is also announcing the launch of its Series A fundraising round, targeting a capital infusion of £16 million (US$20 million) or more, based on a pre-money valuation of £84 million (approximately US$100 million). This funding round is primarily targeting corporate venture capital (CVC) firms, with a strategic focus on auto OEM CVCs such as Toyota Ventures and Hyundai CRADLE, among others. This strategy is designed to foster an investment environment with broad appeal to a range of potential investors across a variety of specialisms, reflecting Helixx’s breadth of impact. Helixx represents a unique investment opportunity with its transformative technology, strong market potential, superior cost efficiency, and unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Helixx invites investors to join this transformative journey to forge a sustainable last-mile mobility and urban transportation ecosystem. Looking ahead, the company is targeting a multi-billion valuation as early as 2030, with the potential for a high-value public listing.

“With Helixx, everyone can Move Better™.”

Helixx press kit: https://bit.ly/Helixxpresskit

About Helixx:

Helixx is a global technology company that empowers local businesses everywhere to produce, supply, and maintain affordable, sustainable small commercial EVs through its innovative ‘Factory in a Box’ operating system.

Helixx was born to enable the shift towards sustainable, locally manufactured electric mobility, particularly for last-mile fleet electrification in Southeast Asian megacities. By liberating EV business models from the legacy constraints of conventional manufacturing, Helixx commercial EVs contribute to reducing carbon emissions, promoting cleaner air in urban environments, and driving economic growth in rapidly developing megacities.

Helixx was founded in 2022 by engineer and vehicle concept designer Steve Pegg and hypercar designers Jowyn Wong and Jakub Jodlowski. Following successful testing of the concept hub in Oxfordshire in partnership with Siemens, Helixx will establish further pilot hubs in the UK and  Singapore, with India, MENA, and South America to follow.

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