Glide joins forces with Google Cloud, Telefonica, MASORANGE, and EnStream unveiling an exciting new Google Cloud-branded Open Gateway experience

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Glide announced the availability of its GSMA Open Gateway API beta on Google Cloud. The beta exposes application programming interfaces (APIs) offered by partners, including Telefonica, MASORANGE, and Enstream (a joint venture of Canadian communications service providers Bell,Rogers, and TELUS), aggregating their network capabilities in the Glide platform running on Google Cloud.‍

This marks a major milestone, allowing Google Cloud’s global developer community to subscribe, access, and build cutting-edge applications with communication service provider (CSP) capabilities via simple APIs, deployed seamlessly through Google Cloud Marketplace. This empowers developers to quickly embed new capabilities that were previously unavailable, and create the services, apps, and experiences of the future.‍

The APIs made available by the beta rely on the initiatives from industry bodies GSMA, CAMARA, and TM Forum, and adopted by a large community of global CSPs which aim to standardize the commercialization of telco capabilities through APIs. This standardization enables developer applications to run consistently across different CSP networks and countries.‍

GSMA additionally supports ecosystem adoption with, which maps out the progress of API implementations, and encourages alignment and additional deployment of CAMARA compliant APIs.‍

The beta leverages these API standards in a live, multi-country environment, providing developers with access to CSP capabilities on a global scale. The large-scale coverage powering the beta is provided by telecom partners Telefonica, MASORANGE, and Enstream. The CSP APIs are aggregated by Glide’s platform on Google Cloud, providing a unified API that makes the partners’ network capabilities, footprint, and services seamlessly accessible to developers.‍

Through Google Cloud Marketplace, telecom APIs become available to a global developer ecosystem, deployable on GoogleCloud’s trusted, next-generation infrastructure. Google Cloud developers can utilize these network capabilities with the same experience, access to tool sand operating processes as any other Google Cloud service. ‍‍

Number verification and anti-fraud APIs are the first to be made available, with more to follow. Google Cloud enables developers to embed these APIs seamlessly, efficiently and in an aggregated manner. The aggregation provided through these APIs abstracts the underlying complexity of interacting with various CSP networks directly, enabling the developers to access and utilize these APIs through a single common interface. Furthermore, a first globally launched solution, Magical Auth, provides advanced and transparent second-factor authentication, targeting the $18.1 billion multi-factor authentication market.

‍Put together, these capabilities allow both telecom providers and developers to seamlessly plug in to new opportunities offered by each other, expanding reach and capabilities for all ecosystem participants.

Vivek Gupta, Head, Telco Industry, Google Cloud: “The rise of digitization and emergence of network APIs is driving a transformation across the telecom industry, and developers are key to this transformation. We are excited to partner with Glide to enable new use cases and experiences through our developer community and enable our CSP partners to ignite new areas of monetization from their network and data assets.”

Alex Sinclair, CTO, GSMA, said: “GSMA Open Gateway was established in 2023 and the momentum behind this initiative is very strong. To date, we have nearly 50 operator groups signed up, representing two thirds of the global mobile industry. It is an incredible testament to the shared belief and urgency to act. Focus must now be on ubiquitous delivery of frictionless CAMARA APIs for developers. Partnerships between Glide and Google Cloud will bring simple programmable connectivity to the Google Cloud developer community, a huge step forward for all.”

David del Val, Global Director of Telefónica Open Gateway, said: “We are thrilled with our continued partnership with Google to make Open Gateway available to the Google Cloud developer ecosystem. As announced at MWC’24, we are starting with anti-fraud APIs like number verification and SIM Swap. This is just the beginning; more multi-telco APIs will be available soon. By leveraging Google Cloud´s powerful ecosystem, we aim to empower developers to create groundbreaking solutions.”

Upinder Saini, president & CEO, EnStream: “EnStream is excited to welcome the Google Cloud developer community looking to access Canadian telecom APIs through Google Cloud in conjunction with Glide. Number Verify and SIM Swap detection can now be accessed seamlessly to help fight fraud and give customers a better user experience,” says Upinder Saini, CEO of EnStream, a joint venture of Bell, Rogers and TELUS.

Laurent Leboucher, Group CTO and senior vice president, Orange innovation networks: “Orange is definitely committed to create a strong momentum with Open Gateway APIs. Our belief is that seamless access to these APIs from the extensive Google developer community will be a significant milestone toward the massive adoption of telco APIs.”

Eran Haggiag, CEO, Glide: “OpenGateway provides a unique opportunity in delivering AI-era identity, payment, and communication solutions. To unlock this potential, alignment, agility, and reliable aggregation are essential. We are excited to launch in beta today the Google-branded OpenGateway experience and to have quickly integrated major MNOs. We are seeing a rapidly increasing integration pace, with as low as a couple of weeks for an integration. We expect adoption and monetization to pick up over the near term, to the benefit of the telecom ecosystem as a whole.”


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