BUDI MADANI: 100,000 applications approved – Amir Hamzah

KUALA LUMPUR — The government to date has approved 100,000 applications for cash subsidies on diesel under the BUDI MADANI initiative, benefiting individual diesel vehicle owners (BUDI Individu) and small-scale farmers and smallholders (BUDI Agri-Komoditi).

Finance Minister II Datuk Seri Amir Hamzah Azizan said the objective of targeting diesel subsidies is to provide focused assistance to eligible sectors and disadvantaged segments of the population.

“The monthly cash aid of RM200 is aimed at covering additional diesel expenses for over 80 per cent of individual diesel vehicle owners,” he said.

“I urge eligible Malaysians to promptly register for the June diesel cash aid payment. The government is committed to disbursing BUDI MADANI cash aid starting from the month the application is submitted,” he said in a statement today.

Amir Hamzah said 30,000 applicants received their cash aid on June 10, with another 46,000 receiving theirs today. Applicants submitting by the end of June will receive payments in early July.

“Eligible recipients will receive RM200 monthly through their bank accounts or in cash at Bank Simpanan Nasional counters,” he said.

The BUDI MADANI initiative, launched since May 28, serves as a platform to distribute diesel subsidy cash aid to individual diesel vehicle owners under BUDI Individu and small-scale farmers and smallholders under the BUDI Agri-Komoditi category.

About 300,000 individual diesel vehicle owners in Peninsular Malaysia are estimated to qualify for BUDI Individu, while nearly 400,000 small-scale farmers and smallholders are eligible for BUDI Agri-Komoditi.

Individuals whose applications were unsuccessful can check their status and file appeals on the BUDI MADANI website at https://budimadani.gov.my.

Small-scale farmers and smallholders who are not yet registered with relevant agencies under the relevant ministries are advised to do so before applying for BUDI MADANI (if not already applied) or submitting their appeals on the BUDI MADANI website.

For more details on BUDI MADANI eligibility criteria, visit https://budimadani.gov.my or contact the BUDI MADANI helpline at 1-800-88-2747 / 03-8882 4565 / 03-8882 4566, or email [email protected].

Additional information can also be obtained at all Inland Revenue Board offices throughout Peninsular Malaysia. — BERNAMA