Zibo’s old brands embrace innovation to attract young consumers

BEIJING, June 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from chinadaily.com.cn:

In Zibo, East China’s Shandong province, an increasing number of time-honored brands are embracing creativity to attract more consumers, especially the young.

In recent years, the trend of guochao, a consumer trend among young people meaning “China-chic”, has been highly popular, and many products in Zibo with traditional Chinese elements have gained popularity. This trend has not only revitalized traditional culture but also provided an excellent opportunity for the revival of time-honored brands with traditional cultural characteristics.

Before the Dragon Boat Festival this year, the studio of Kan Fangqian, a master of traditional pottery engraving, was bustling with visitors. Many people who admire his artistic works wanted to witness the process of glass engraving on the spot. Glass engraving originated from the oldest traditional carving craft in ancient times and has survived to this day with its unique modern charm.

In addition to using the most precious glass treasures as carriers for engraving art, Kan has also developed a series of practical ceramic tea sets with traditional pottery engravings. These works integrate classical culture with ceramic engraving culture, filling the gap in expressing traditional cultural themes through engraving art in the limited space of ceramic tea sets, leading a new trend of ceramic engraving, and gaining more popularity among young people.

Daranfang, a time-honored brand mainly producing silk products, is another shining example in Zibo of how to integrate innovative and traditional elements.  

Earlier this year, Daranfang made a strong impression at the Paris Fashion and Fabric Exhibition with its richly Chinese-styled silk products. The high-quality fabrics, unique designs, and exquisite workmanship garnered unanimous praise from attending merchants, with dozens of foreign customers expressing interest in collaborating with Daranfang.

According to Zhang Xiaoguang, general manager of Daranfang, the company has delved deeply into the essence of Zibo culture, including silk, Liaozhai Zhiyi (Strange Stories From a Chinese Studio), and ceramics. By blending traditional patterns and auspicious motifs with contemporary color schemes, they have combined traditional weaving techniques with modern production processes to introduce a series of products that embody both cultural heritage and fashion charm, getting a warm reception from customers both domestically and internationally.

The changing times have not hindered the progress of time-honored brands. Embracing change, continuously innovating, and ceaselessly developing are the secrets behind how these time-honored brands in Zibo have maintained their vitality.

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