329 inmates released under PBSL in conjunction with Aidiladha

KUALA LUMPUR — A total of 329 prisoners and inmates of correctional centres in three states will celebrate Hari Raya Aidiladha with their loved ones under the Ihsan MADANI Licensed Release of Prisoners Programme (PBSL) today.

In SABAH, 196 were released, of which 64 licensed released individuals (OBB) are from prisons in Kota Kinabalu, said Sabah and Labuan Prisons director Nora Musa.

She said the programme will ensure that the OBB, except for those under house arrest, have jobs so that they can earn an income to support themselves and their families, which is a crucial measure in the effort to integrate them into society.

She advised the OBB to stay out of prison by staying clear of crimes and striving to be productive members of society.

In TERENGGANU, state Prisons director Hamid Taha said 118 inmates were granted release under PBSL, adding that since its introduction, a total of 1,500 were released on licence, with only five of them returning to prison.

“This achievement is due to the job opportunities available for these inmates resulting from the cooperation of their families and employers. Ninety per cent of them have jobs and are able to support their families,” he said, adding that most of those released are drug offenders.

Meanwhile, PERLIS Prisons director Raja Nazril Azman Raja Azam Iskandar said 15 inmates of the Perlis Correctional Centre were released under the PBSL programme, adding that all of these licensed release inmates are only allowed to be outside of their homes between 8am and 5pm and will be monitored by their respective parole officers who will conduct house visits. — BERNAMA