Fujifilm unveils new game-changing cameras, lenses

The gadgets help to preserve cherished memories in unparalleled clarity and emotion 


PHOTOGRAPHY is an art, but even seasoned photographers and enthusiasts face setbacks, just like beginners. Whether grappling with the challenge of capturing the essence of a moment or navigating through unpredictable lighting and other obstacles, the journey of photography is filled with hurdles. 

However, with Fujifilm’s cutting-edge cameras and lenses, these obstacles become mere stepping stones to capturing better photos and preserving cherished memories in unparalleled clarity and emotion. 

GFX100S II: Unparalleled Image Quailty

Fujifilm’s GFX100S II sets a new benchmark in the GFX series with a large format sensor, approximately 1.7 times larger than a 35mm full-frame sensor, ensuring unparalleled image quality. 

Fujifilm (M) Sdn Bhd MD Kensuke Aragane said the GFX100S II features a newly developed 102MP high-speed sensor, known as the GFX 102MP CMOS II and the X-Processor 5 engine, all housed within a compact 883g body, making it the lightest in its series. 

“The GFX100S II offers rich tonal expression and three-dimensional rendering capabilities, enhanced by the large format sensor and features AI-based subject detection, a significant evolution from its predecessor.” 

The camera’s autofocus and continuous shooting capabilities are more advanced, reaching up to 7.0 frames per second, ideal for capturing moving subjects. The in-body image stabilisation system provides up to eight stops of five-axis stabilisation, ensuring sharp images in low-light conditions. 

The GFX100S II includes evolved face and eye autofocus (AF) achieved through algorithm advancements and AI-based subject detection AF developed with deep learning technology. 

“It can detect animals, birds, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, aeroplanes, trains, insects and drones. With automatic subject tracking, photographers can focus on capturing the perfect shot and composition,” he added. 

The GFX100S II excels in video performance, capable of recording vibrant 4K/30P videos. It includes 20 “film simulation” modes, such as REALA ACE, offering a variety of creative effects. 

“The Pixel Shift Multi-Shot feature allows the capture of 16 RAW files that can be combined into an image with approximately 400 million pixels,” said Aragane. 

Customers who pre-order the camera body between May 16 and June 16 for RM26,888 will receive complimentary gifts worth RM5,235. 

Aragane added the Fujifilm GFX100S II combines exceptional image quality, advanced features and portability, making it ideal for both professional photographers and enthusiasts. 

X-T50: Versatility Meets Portability

The latest model in the acclaimed X series of mirrorless digital cameras is set to hit the market in mid-June 2024. It promises outstanding image quality, advanced features and exceptional mobility, all within a compact, lightweight body. 

Aragane said pre-orders for the X-T50 are available from May 16 to June 16, with enticing promotions: Purchase the X-T50 body for RM7,998, the X-T50/XC15-45mm kit for RM8,498, or the X-T50/XF16-50mm kit for RM9,998, and receive gifts worth RM2,952. 

“The X-T50 is a compact and lightweight body weighing approximately 438g, featuring the back-illuminated 40.2MP X-Trans CMOS 5 HR sensor, the high-speed image processing engine X-Processor 5 and a 5-axis, up to 7.0-stop in-body image stabilisation function,” he said. 

It boasts the latest advancements in AI-based subject detection AF and the improved AF prediction algorithm enables effective tracking of fast-moving subjects, perfect for dynamic shooting scenarios. 

Aragane said the X-T50 also supports 6.2K/30P video recording with tracking AF, making it a powerful tool for high-quality video production. Its 5-axis in-body image stabilisation ensures sharp, clear images even in low-light conditions, enhancing its versatility for both still photography and videography. 

Designed with user comfort and functionality in mind, the X-T50 features a new round-shaped body design for improved grip, a pop-up flash integrated with the viewfinder and a 1.84 million-dot tiltable rear LCD monitor. These design enhancements make it easier and more comfortable to shoot in a variety of situations. 

“The Fujifilm X-T50 combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features, making it an ideal choice for both amateur and professional photographers,” Aragane said. 


Fujinon Lens GF 500mm F5.6R LM OIS WR Bring Distant Subjects Closer

This month, Fujifilm will launch the Fujinon-Lens GF 500mm F5.6 R LM OIS WR. This lens, part of the GF lineup, is designed for the GFX Series of Fujifilm’s mirrorless digital cameras, known for large-format sensor, which is approximately 1.7 times larger than a 35mm full-frame sensor. 

“The GF500mmF5.6 R LM OIS WR is a super telephoto prime lens that can capture images up to 500mm, the longest in the GF lineup. Combined with the Fujinon Teleconverter GF1.4X TC WR, it reaches a focal length of 700mm, offering unprecedented versatility,” he said. 



Combining powerful telephoto performance with the high resolution of the GFX series, the GF500mmF5.6 R LM OIS WR lens offers unmatched detail and realism. It allows for the precise depiction of fine details, capturing everything from the sweat on athletes to the intricate feathers of birds, revealing details unseen by the naked eye. 

He added one impressive feature of the GF500mmF5.6 R LM OIS WR is its lightweight design, weighing approximately 1,375g, providing exceptional mobility and handling. 

The GF500mmF5.6 R LM OIS WR boasts powerful image stabilisation, providing up to 6.0 stops of compensation. 

Even in super telephoto shooting requiring precise focus, this lens allows photographers to capture subjects quickly and accurately. Features such as the Focus Preset function and Focus Limiter enhance usability in capturing decisive moments. 

“With the GF500mmF5.6 R LM OIS WR, Fujifilm continues to push imaging technology boundaries, enabling photographers to capture stunning images with unmatched detail and clarity. Whether shooting sports, wildlife, or landscapes, this lens opens new possibilities,” he said. 

XF16-50mmF2.8-4.8 R LM WR: Reliability in Every Shot

The Fujinon Lens XF16-50mmF2.8-4.8 R LM WR marks a significant addition to Fujifilm’s lineup of interchangeable XF lenses for the X Series of mirrorless digital cameras. 

This standard zoom lens offers photographers a versatile tool for various shooting scenarios, covering a focal length range from wide-angle 16mm to medium telephoto 50mm, equivalent to 24mm to 76mm in 35mm format. 

Weighing approximately 240g, the XF16- 50mmF2.8-4.8 R LM WR is the lightest zoom lens in the XF lens lineup while maintaining high-resolution performance. 


The lens configuration of nine groups and 11 elements, including three aspherical lenses and three ED lenses, suppresses chromatic aberration and ensures high-resolution performance. Additionally, the lens achieves a maximum shooting magnification of 0.3 times at the telephoto end, allowing for impressive close-up capabilities. 

Photographers will appreciate the fast and accurate autofocus system of the XF16- 50mmF2.8-4.8 R LM WR, ensuring quick and precise focusing even in challenging conditions. 

The lens features a weather-resistant and low-temperature structure, with sealing applied to 13 areas of the lens barrel, allowing photographers to use it confidently in various environmental conditions. 


Hands-on Experience with Fujifilm’s Latest Cameras

The Malaysian Reserve (TMR) had the opportunity to test the GFX100S II with the Fujinon GF55mm F1.7 R WR lens at the event. 

The camera delivered exceptionally clear images, capturing the emotions and details of a bride and groom model set-up. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor photography, it excels in various lighting conditions. 

TMR also tested the Fujifilm X-T50 with the Lens XF16-50mmF2.8-4.8 R LM WR, perfect for beginners and amateurs. 

This versatile camera performs well in low light, with advanced AF and AI settings. At the event, Fujifilm set up a cafe-themed decor and ambiance for us to test the camera. 

Despite the typically low-light environment of cafes, the X-T50 effectively captured the surroundings and atmosphere, demonstrating its impressive capabilities. 

  • This article first appeared in The Malaysian Reserve weekly print edition