UPPL agency launches in Morocco with Digital Short for Québec’s Air Transat.

Voted the world’s best leisure airline, Air Transat begins non-stop flight from Montréal to Marrakech this June.

MONTRÉAL, June 11, 2024 /CNW/ – UPPL, a trusted leader in brand strategy, insights, content production, and advertising, has joined forces with Air Transat, to create and produce the latest installment of their ongoing video series, “Pourquoi Voyager.” This collaboration marks an exciting time as Air Transat inaugurates its newest route, Montréal-Marrakech, with flights starting June 2024.

The service comes at a pivotal time in Moroccan tourism, as the country aims to attract 17 million tourists by 2026 (source: UPPL Insights). Additionally, a significant $245 million CAD investment has been made to expand the capacity of Marrakech’s Menara airport. This expansion will double the airport’s current capacity, reaching a total of 11.5 million passengers annually.

Known for its strategic insights and creative approach, UPPL brings its market understanding, production expertise, and execution chops to the collaboration, ensuring the “Pourquoi Voyager” campaign resonates with the Québécois and Moroccan community in Montréal, and Canada’s growing transcultural customer segment.

The video, featured in Transat’s in-flight entertainment and digital channels, explores the transformative power of travel. It was produced on location by UPPL Morocco and features Tamy Emma Pepin, UPPL’s President and Managing Director.

Morocco is growing at a 3.5% annual rate, it is flourishing across sectors. UPPL is proud to be established in this market, to facilitate the projects of clients and contribute to the sustainable growth of the country. We also continue to serve key sectors and industries in Canada and Québec”, she says.

The episode’s narrative highlights the themes of connection and diversity in Marrakesh, which are of significant importance to Pepin, a French-Canadian executive with Moroccan roots.  

The content celebrates the southern city as a vibrant tapestry, harmoniously blending tradition and modernity with history, geography, culture, ecology, architecture, technology and art; making it a fascinating place to discover time and again. 

“Travel has the power to connect us to ourselves and to each other in new and meaningful ways. I’m proud of the creative teams at UPPL. I see this as the beginning of larger key trends impacting our economies and our globalized world,” remarks Tamy Emma Pepin, President and Managing Director of UPPL.

About UPPL:

Founded in 2016, UPPL is a dynamic agency specializing in marketing and communication services. Established in Québec, with branches in Montréal and Marrakech, UPPL’s mission is to promote purpose-driven organizations, brands and businesses, creating positive impact in their communities and markets. 

Recognized for their strategic thinking and content marketing expertise, UPPL consistently delivers value from initial account services through creative development, strategic partnerships, media distribution and immersive experiences.

In 2024, UPPL reached a new milestone by launching in Morocco, enhancing its strategic insights into European and African markets, and bridging the North and Global South in an ever-evolving marketplace.

SOURCE Un Peu Plus Loin Inc