Johor Port launches FGV Palm Industries’ inaugural export of certified palm kernel shells to Japan

JOHOR PORT Berhad (Johor Port), a member of MMC Group, witnessed FGV Palm Industries Sdn Bhd’s (FGVPI) maiden export of certified Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) to Japan.

The landmark event held at Johor Port marked the collaboration between FGVPI and GBK International Sdn Bhd (GBKI) and showcased the efforts and dedication of all parties involved; highlighting the strategic role of Johor Port and GBKI in facilitating international PKS trade and supporting sustainable initiatives.

The significance of this export is amplified by FGVPI recently receiving the Golden Green Label (GGL) Certification which facilitates the importation of PKS into Japan.

This accolade underscores FGVPI’s unwavering commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices, setting a high standard for the quality and sustainability of their products.

The Golden Green Label is awarded to companies which meet the stringent criteria for sustainability, environmental management and social responsibility.

FGVPI’s adherence to these high standards reflects its dedication to preserving the environment while producing high-quality Palm Oil products.

The ceremony was officiated by Johor Port Berhad CEO Md Derick Basir and attended by FGVPI head of by-product Suffian Azman; Norzaidey Jelani from FGVPI headquarters; GBKI director Louis Low and Rafizal Esmail of Johor Port together with other representatives from the respective companies, key industry stakeholders and government officials.

This inaugural shipment not only marks a significant milestone for FGVPI but also underscores Johor Port’s capabilities as a Southern Gateway Multi-Purpose Port and GBK International’s expertise in warehousing and cleaning services.

Md Derick said the successful export of certified Palm Kernel Shells to Japan through Johor Port showcases its capability to handle diverse and specialised cargoes.

“Palm Kernel Shells are part of our Dry Bulk cargo, and 2024 is shaping up to be a promising year for Dry Bulk, with an increase of 8% YTD up to March 2024 YoY (year-on-year). Going forward for 2024, we are confident of handling 15% more Dry Bulk volume than 2023.

“We are proud to support FGV Palm industries in their sustainability journey and look forward to more such collaborations which drive economic growth and environmental stewardship,” he said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Low said with five PKS cleaning lines, GBKI’s extensive experience in PKS handling and strong network in the Japanese market would be able to support FGVPI in managing and marketing PKS from Johor Port.

Johor Port, renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive port services, plays a vital role in Malaysia’s export industry, and GBKI’s contribution in providing specialised warehousing and PKS cleaning services, demonstrates their commitment to maintaining high standards in product quality and logistics management, which further enhances the quality and reliability of this landmark shipment.

FGVPI is targeting two shipments of 20,000 metric tonnes (MT) of certified PKS per month to Japan, reinforcing their commitment to meeting international demand with sustainable products.

This target aligns with FGVPI’s strategy to expand its market presence and contribute to global renewable energy solutions, leading the “Waste to Worth; Harmonising Palm Biomass Value for a Sustainable Future” initiative to enhance the global Biomass market. — TMR