KS&C and Nexxiot Transform South Korea into a Hub for Intelligent Logistic Assets

SEOUL, South Korea and ZURICH, May 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Nexxiot, a leading provider of Asset Intelligence solutions, has entered into a strategic partnership with KS&C, a key player in shipping, freight forwarding, container trading and port equipment sales in the Korean market.

KS&C and Nexxiot Transform South Korea into a Hub for Intelligent Logistic Assets

Nexxiot and KS&C have entered into a strategic partnership to transform South Korea into a hub for intelligent logistics

This collaboration aims to enhance the freight transportation sector in Korea by accelerating the digitalization of shipping containers, ports, and vessels, thereby increasing operational efficiency and significantly improving the experiences of beneficial cargo owners.

South Korea is recognized as one of the essential shipping and logistics markets across multiple transportation categories. KS&C is already a prominent and active player within the freight transportation market and now extends into logistic technology. Through this partnership with Nexxiot, KS&C aims to further deliver innovation and set new benchmarks in logistical operations.

Nexxiot will provide state-of-the-art IoT hardware and data cockpits for decision-makers in the industry. This collaboration empowers KS&C to offer its clients advanced technology that leverages real-time data for asset location and status monitoring, optimizing routes and improving cargo safety and security.

Kyoung Yun Lee, CEO of KS&C, said, “Partnering with Nexxiot allows us to expand our technology portfolio and offer unparalleled Asset Intelligence and data services to our clients. We are committed to delivering leading industry innovation to the Korean market.”

Stefan Kalmund, CEO of Nexxiot, said: “South Korea’s geographic characteristics establish it as a pivotal hub for international trade. Having personally spent many years in Korea, I recognize its importance as a key market for our expansion into Asia. Our collaboration with KS&C marks a significant step towards enhancing safe and secure cargo transportation in East Asia, and we are thrilled about the transformative impact this partnership will bring.”

About KS&C:

KS&C is a Korean company with a tradition of approximately 20 years, composed of members with extensive experience in marine-related industries such as container manufacturing, maritime transportation, and logistics.

Based on this diverse experience, we are engaged in businesses such as Shipping Agency, Freight Forwarding, Container trading, and Port Equipment Sales. Each of these business areas acts as a factor that maximizes synergy within the shipping industry. We are also committed to actively responding to create new values for the development of the shipping industry, aiming to lead the trends in the rapidly changing shipping market.

KS&C considers investing in the infinite possibilities of the shipping industry as its highest value and always strives to become a globally recognized shipping powerhouse beyond the domestic market.

About Nexxiot:

Nexxiot is digitalizing freight asset management with technology that now oversees the world’s most extensive network of connected intermodal containers and railcars.

Clients gain access to unparalleled real-time data, which streamlines fleet management and automates logistics processes. Nexxiot devices, built for resilience, withstand extreme conditions and provide long-term, detailed insights into cargo events, including impacts, delays, safety and security incidents, and loading activities.

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Nexxiot’s influence extends globally. Our team, comprised of industry experts, operates from offices in Europe and North America and maintains a presence in a majority of depots, ports, and rail yards.

To learn more about how Nexxiot is leading the value generation for the rail industry, please visit www.nexxiot.com.

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