One week after Singapore Airlines turbulence, 34 remain in hospital

Thirty-four Singapore Airlines Ltd. passengers remain hospitalized in Bangkok almost one week after their flight struck turbulence, underscoring the severity of the fatal incident.

In an update late Monday, the airline said 50 people who were on the London-Singapore service on May 21 are still in the Thai capital, including those receiving medical treatment. All the crew from Flight SQ321 have returned to Singapore.

Thai authorities have said most of the injuries involved the head or spine, and more than a dozen people needed surgery. Singapore Airlines has since introduced tighter cabin restrictions during turbulence, though stopped short of compelling passengers to wear seatbelts for the whole flight.

The airline said it’s cooperating fully with authorities investigating the incident, which left one man dead. The plane made an emergency landing in Bangkok.

While injuries or deaths from such events are rare, a Qatar Airways flight over Turkey on Sunday also encountered extreme turbulence before the plane landed as scheduled in Dublin. Twelve people on board were hurt. –BLOOMBERG