To the bitter end

After seeing all the suffering endured by Palestinians for so long, tears come more slowly now. But they stem from a deeper place where lasting memories are stored 

“HOW long shall they kill our pro- phets, while we stand aside and look?” Bob Marley, reggae singer. 

If, by this time, you’re still unsure that Israel and all its Zionist enablers are evil, I suggest you check whether you still have a pulse. 

Also, by this time in the genocide of Palestinians, the one truth that has emerged over all others is that not one person in the entire world has been able to stop the killings in Gaza. 

Not the United Nations (UN), not Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, not OPEC, not the International Criminal Court (ICC), not all the evidence being livestreamed daily into our phones. And yes, even if there was a Superman, he’d probably be on the side of the occupier state, because you know “Israel has the right to defend itself”. 

Of course, the enlightened side of this unfortunate mess, the anti-genocide side of the world, has been steadfast. The real “children of light” side has had big wins in this fight. 

We’ve got the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the way to (hopefully) declare that Israel has committed genocide. We’ve had the ICC on the cusp of issuing arrest warrants for Benjamin Netan-Yahu and his axis of evil ministers. Unfortunately, the ICC is likely to issue warrants for Hamas leadership who are rightfully fighting for the liberation of their homeland, as well. 

Those on the right side of this uneven fight between evil state and defenceless civilians can also take heart that the myth of the good and fair-minded West and that Israel is even human, a narrative that has been carefully nurtured and paid for by the Zionists for over 75 years, is now shattered forever. This is assured when we see students all over the world joining the conversation and taking up the Palestinian cause. 

On the consumer side Block- out 2924, the movement to ignore celebrities who have not spoken out against genocide is gaining steam. 

Nothing like depriving divas of mass adoration and money, to grab their attention. 

We have also seen several European countries pledging to recognise UN membership for Palestine. A small victory in reality but it represents another brick to shore up the rights of the Palestinian state. 

More significant was the pledges last week by several European countries to honour any warrants of arrest issued by the ICC. 

In the meantime, Israel and its lapdog the US have been forced to make blatant bare-faced lies to justify their continued killing of innocents and their hypocrisy. Joe Biden (nicknamed Genocide Joe among people of good taste) just said what is happening in Gaza is not murder or genocide. True to form Israel is not even putting 

up half-cooked excuses anymore. Asked why a Palestinian lorry driver was attacked by a mob of rabid Israeli settlers, the Israeli occupation force said the settlers thought he was driving humanitarian aid to Palestine. 

Just on May 23, the Israeli killers bombed a depot full of humanitarian aid completely to the ground and after the fire died down, sent a missile to the same place to make sure all the food that survived the fire was also destroyed. 

Much of these lies will be lost in the fog of conflict and it will be up to the winners to write history. Who knows? In a few months, maybe we will think it is OK again to drink Starbucks and eat a Big Mac with a clear conscience. 

But that is in the future and there is no telling whether it will return to “business as usual” or we can make Israel, in its current form, finally pay for years of cruelty and thumbing its nose at the rest of the world, thanks to the Iron Dome the US provides it in the UN. 

After seven months of continuous solidarity with the cause without even pausing the violence in Gaza is a little disheartening for some on the other side of the world, but there is momentum going that will provide a permanent ceasefire in Palestine. 

“After seeing so much of what the Palestinians have been subjected to for so long. The tears, they come a little slower now,” a friend said. 

But he said the tears are less because they come from somewhere deeper, the same place where permanent memories are stored. 

It seems sometimes that Palestinians are winning everywhere, but for the dying part. 

The killings haven’t stopped, that is true, but just as the Gazans and Palestinians must be steadfast, we too must keep at it. 

Instead of passive boycotts, we can be more responsible in our consumption. Check what the companies behind our favourite brands are doing. For example, brands that have been associated with wholesome goodness can, with a little research, suddenly turn out to be big investors in Israel. 

We must organise, demand feedback from our leaders about our expectations, and question everything to ensure our involvement in policy-making. It’s crucial to remind our leaders that they are being watched and do more. 

The history of this Nakba will play out in the next few months when Israel is called to account for its sins, or when there’s no Pales- tine left to save. 

  • ZB Othman is an editor of The Malaysian Reserve. 

  • This article first appeared in The Malaysian Reserve weekly print edition