SQ321 turbulence: Singapore Airlines will stop serving meals when seat belt sign is on

SINGAPORE — Singapore Airlines (SIA) will now stop serving meals when the seat belt sign is turned on as part of a more cautious approach following the recent incident on flight SQ321.

SIA spokesperson in a statement Friday said crew members will also now need to return to their seats and secure their seat belts when the sign is on.

“These are part of a more cautious approach adopted by SIA to managing turbulence in-flight following the SQ321 incident,”  the spokesperson said.

Flight SQ321 with 211 passengers and 18 crew members was travelling from London to Singapore when it encountered sudden extreme turbulence, forcing the pilot to declare a medical emergency and diverted the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft to Bangkok on Tuesday.

The incident caused one death and multiple injuries. As of Thursday night, 46 passengers and two crew members were still in hospital.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson said existing safety measures will continue including the suspension of hot beverage service when the seat belt sign is on.

During poor weather conditions particularly in turbulence, cabin crew will continue to secure all loose items and equipment in the cabin and galley to minimise the risk of turbulence-related injuries.

Crew members will also continue to advise passengers to return to their seats and secure their seat belts, as well as monitor customers who may require assistance, including those in the lavatories.

“SIA will continue to review our processes as the safety of our passengers and crew is of utmost importance,” the spokesperson said. — BERNAMA / pic BLOOMBERG