Friday Jottings: The grip and choke of the Zionist tentacles

TUN Dr Mahathir Mohamad, at the opening of what was known then as the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) summit in Kuala Lumpur in 2003, uttered the controversial “…Jews rule the world by proxy” remark. 

It drew widespread criticism from the Western leaders and their media hyped up the issue, labelling Dr Mahathir as anti-Semitic, a racist, and a bigot.

Now, just over two decades later, while the West and the media are still in denial, current events proved how true and accurate Dr Mahathir’s assertions were, albeit with a slight modification – that it is “the Jews that subscribe to Zionism rule the world by proxy.”

The ongoing devastation in Palestine further exposed that the self-styled leaders of the civilised world and their media have no sense of morality, devoid of humanity and the justifiers, if not defenders, of massacres and genocide.

And they refuse to acknowledge that Zionism represented by Israel, is a bad word, that it represents everything that is evil, that it is ruthless, cruel and relishing in the murders of children and babies.

Obviously, the leaders of the free world are not blind to all these but such is the power wielded by the Zionist Jews that they willingly act as proxies, knowing fully well if they attempt to exercise free will, their well-being would be short-lived.

Simply put, to be leaders of the Western world, from the United Kingdom to the United States, unless the candidates are willing to be proxies of the Zionist Jews, they would not be Prime Ministers or Presidents.

It explains why the likes of Rishi Sunak and Joe Biden are bent on supporting Israel while knowing fully well that the rogue state is committing genocide.

By any logic, take Sunak for example. Given his Indian origin and academic credentials, no matter how English or British he had become, he would surely understand intimately the nature of occupying forces, especially the settler colonialism kind, the extent of cruelties they can inflict on the natives and original inhabitants of the occupied territories and nations.

Surely Sunak would not have forgotten how the British colonisers had demeaned, dehumanised and abused Indians and others in the sub-continents during their century-long occupation.

Similarly, Biden too, with his ancestry, would have remembered how the Irish were treated no different than the Indians when the British invaded them, giving it the unenviable status of being regarded as the first British colony.

Apart from being terrorised and murdered, the British made sure the Irish starved and eventually died. Of course, the same can be said of the French and even the Belgians and the kind of inhuman cruelties they inflicted on their colonies.

If comparisons are made between what the British and other Western colonialists did when they were in their occupying frenzy then and what Israel is doing today, the strategies used are not much different.

Of course, the devastation is greater given the advancement of weaponry and the incomparable cruelty of the Zionist Jews.

And yet the likes of Biden and Sunak chose to ignore the pain of their ancestry and instead, embrace the Zionist Jews wholeheartedly. In turn, they even take up the cudgel on behalf of Tel Aviv and Benjamin Netanyahu to block and frustrate those who stood up for Palestine.

Obviously, they are proxies of the Zionist Jews.

The tentacles of the Zionist Jews are indeed extensive with a powerful choking hold.

Such is the grip of these wealthy and powerful tentacles, nations which declared their support for Palestine are incapable of standing up to the Israel proxies.

Malaysia is not spared.

The presence of Lockheed Martin and the British Aerospace, substantial providers of weapons for Israel to commit the genocide on Palestinians, in Malaysia and despite local protests, is an example of the power of the Zionist Jews’ tentacles conducted through its lobby and proxies.

Another example of how powerful and widespread these tentacles are is how a rabid pro-Zionist entity Blackrock Inc. has now entered the Malaysian realm.

Blackrock has stakes in several arms manufacturing concerns including that of Lockheed Martin and all these arms fuel the Israeli quest to wipe out Palestinians wholesale.

It seems that a company that it has control over, the Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP), has taken up stakes of up to a quarter of Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad’s (MAHB), a strategic Malaysian company that manages the nation’s airports among others.

The sale of these shares had irked Malaysians who had been angered and chagrined by the Zionist genocide of Palestine and demanded that the sale should not be realised.

The principle of the matter is simple – if ordinary Malaysians could boycott local Starbucks and McDonalds when their franchisors openly supported the Israel murders of Palestinians, why can’t the Malaysian Government grow a spine and block the deal with GIP and by extension Blackrock?

The Malaysian leaders, despite going to the gallery to express their support for Palestinians, embraced Hamas’ leader and condemned Israel and the US’s complicity, are not following through with severing ties with pro-Zionist companies, especially those which armed the Tel Aviv regime.

However, given the fact that they did not even have the gumption to expel Lockheed Martin and BAE from participating in Malaysia’s defence exhibition instead were avoided taking a position and gibberish in their explanation. Obviously, the tentacles have no intention of sparing Malaysia.

The greedy and spineless usually fall prey.

  • Shamsul Akmar is an editor at The Malaysian Reserve.