Tube well case: Kelantan govt will give full cooperation to MACC

KOTA BHARU — The Kelantan government will give its full cooperation to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in the agency’s investigation into the corruption and misappropriation case involving the construction of the tube wells that failed to function.

Deputy Menteri Besar Datuk Mohamed Fadzli Hassan said the Kelantan government would not interfere with the ongoing investigation process.

“I am leaving the investigation of this case to the MACC to investigate it as fairly as possible.

“The Kelantan government also advises the public not to speculate about the case,” he told Bernama today.

Yesterday, the MACC arrested four individuals, including two former senior officials of a water company in Kelantan, to assist in the investigation related to the construction of tube wells that failed to supply water to residents.

The men, aged between 40 and 60s, were arrested separately here between 7 and 10am.BERNAMA