Staying cool with these destinations, escaping Malaysia’s heat

Agoda’s competitive pricing and user-friendly platform make planning your (and mine) much-needed getaway not only easier but a delightful part of the travel experience itself


WITH a refreshing mug of iced lemon tea at hand to combat the sweltering heat, myself and other Malaysians are increasingly feeling the pressure of the country’s record-high temperatures.

In response, Agoda, a renowned digital travel platform, has thoughtfully curated a selection of destinations that offer a much-needed reprieve.

This list, which includes both local and international locales, highlights areas where the cooler climate of May provides a welcome escape from the relentless heat, ensuring a comfortable and rejuvenating getaway for travellers seeking relief.

From the blooming landscapes of Sapporo to the serene vistas of Jeju Island and from the local chill of Cameron Highlands to the distinct cultural and climatic offerings of Sydney and Sapa, there is a perfect cool haven for every traveller.

Like the perfect finishing touch to a cake, Agoda’s competitive pricing and user-friendly platform make planning your (and mine) much-needed getaway not only easier but a delightful part of the travel experience itself.

As spring progresses, Sapporo transforms into a floral paradise — pic source:

Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan (Average Daytime Temperature: 18°C)

As spring progresses, Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido, transforms into a floral paradise. The city’s parks, including the renowned Odori Park and the serene Yurigahara Park, come alive with vibrant blooms.

One can’t miss the breathtaking views at Takino Suzuran Hillside Park, where hillsides are blanketed in tulips, according to Agoda.

Visitors can indulge in seasonal delicacies like tender bamboo shoots and succulent snow crab.

“Cultural enrichment is plentiful with traditional Shinto rituals at Hokkaido Shrine, panoramic views from Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill, and the famed Shiroi Koibito, a local white chocolate delicacy,” the online travel platform said.

Jeju Island, is often heralded as the ‘Hawaii of Korea’, offers an escape with its mild weather and minimal rainfall in May — pic source: Minku Kang via unsplash

Jeju, South Korea (Average Daytime Temperature: 21°C)

Moving on to Jeju Island, which is often heralded as the “Hawaii of Korea”, offers an escape with its mild weather and minimal rainfall in May.

This writer can confirm the cool weather in Korea, having experienced it first hand during a visit to Nami Island in 2019.

Moreover, the island’s picturesque countryside is ideal for outdoor activities such as biking along the Jeju Olle Trails, exploring Jeju Stone Park, or venturing into the Manjanggul Lava Tube.

Coastal experiences include the refreshing breezes at Cape Seopjikoji and the expansive canola flower fields that adorn the landscape.

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia (Average Daytime Temperature: 22°C)

For those preferring to stay within national borders, the Cameron Highlands presents a quintessential retreat.

This destination, nestled in high misty mountains, offers cool respite.

I concur with Agoda’s recommendations — visitors can indeed enjoy picturesque picnics among the pink floral expanses at Cameron Flora Park, wander through the ethereal Mossy Forest, or indulge in homemade lavender-flavoured ice cream at the Lavender Garden.

While I’ve enjoyed a delightful picnic at the park, I have yet to explore the Mossy Forest, but I am confident it will be a magical experience!

The region also boasts numerous glamping sites listed on Agoda, perfect for those who wish to luxuriate in the crisp mountain air.

Sydney is alive with iconic landmarks and scenic waterfronts — pic source: April Pethybridge via unsplash

Sydney, Australia (Average Daytime Temperature: 20°C)

Next, one can explore a city from the Land Down Under. Transitioning from autumn to the cooler months, Sydney in May is perfect for exploring.

The city is alive with iconic landmarks and scenic waterfronts.

Tourists can enjoy walks along Sydney Harbour, visit the globally acclaimed Sydney Opera House, or relax at Bondi Beach, known for its invigorating ocean breezes, Agoda added.

Sydney’s rich tapestry of culinary delights and cultural offerings ensures an enriching visit.

As a fan of their iced coffee, I highly recommend trying one during your stay — it’s a must!

Sapa’s famed terraced rice fields offer spectacular views — pic source: Krisztian Tabori via unsplash

Sapa, Vietnam (Average Daytime Temperature: 22°C)

Known as the “town of clouds”, Sapa is enchanting, particularly in May when it is adorned with wildflowers and vibrant hill tribe festivals.

The region’s famed terraced rice fields offer spectacular views, and the cultural depth of the local hill tribes, including the Hmong, Dzao and Tay, provides a profound cultural immersion.

Whether it’s trekking through the terraced landscapes or enjoying the local culture, Sapa promises a memorable mountain getaway.

Agoda makes these destinations more accessible through its platform, which offers competitive deals on accommodations, flights and activities, ensuring a seamless booking experience.

The temperatures for each destination, verified as of late March, suggest that each location will serve as a cool sanctuary during the warm month of May.

As we seek to escape the heat this season, these carefully selected destinations by Agoda offer the perfect cool-down options, ensuring travellers can find respite and rejuvenation.

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