Mount Ruang eruption: Malaysia Airlines cancels 19 flights to and from Sabah, Sarawak

KOTA KINABALU — Malaysia Airlines cancelled 19 flights between the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and destinations in Sabah and Sarawak today following the volcanic eruption at Mount Ruang, Indonesia.

Malaysia Airlines, in a statement, said 11 of the cancelled flights were to and from Sabah and eight flights involved Sarawak.

Below is the list of affected flights:

To/from Sabah

  • MH7420 (KUL-TWU)
  • MH7421 (TWU-KUL)
  • MH2612 (KUL-BKI)
  • MH2621 (BKI-KUL)
  • MH2710 (KUL-SDK)
  • MH2711 (SDK-KUL)
  • MH2610 (KUL-BKI)
  • MH2611 (BKI-KUL)
  • MH7404 (KUL-BKI)
  • MH7405 (BKI-KUL)
  • MH2613 (BKI-KUL)

To/from Sarawak

  • MH2520 (KUL-KCH)
  • MH2513 (KCH-KUL)
  • MH2542 (KUL-KCH)
  • MH2543 (KCH-KUL)
  • MH2574 (KUL-MYY)
  • MH2575 (MYY-KUL)
  • MH2742 (KUL-BTU)
  • MH2743 (BTU-KUL)

Malaysia Airlines will continue to closely monitor developments and further updates on flight cancellations will be communicated directly to affected customers.

“Concurrently, the airline is working to accommodate passengers affected by the cancellation of flights on alternative flights once the situation progressively improves,” it said.

Malaysia Airlines also said passengers are urged to update their contact details via My Booking on Malaysia Airlines’ website to receive timely updates from time to time via email and SMS.

The safety of the passengers and crew remains of utmost importance to Malaysia Airlines, it said. — BERNAMA / pic TMR FILE