Sprouts Farmers Market Now Selling Wild About Sprouts Products

Patented COLD-GROWN® process and innovative packaging provides unparalleled food safety, flavor, freshness, and nutrition in the sprout category

SOUTHLAKE, Texas, April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Rä Foods, a pioneer in food tech and functional foods, recently announced that its Wild About Sprouts brand is continuing its robust national expansion through a distribution agreement with Sprouts Farmers Market, starting with 134 Sprouts Farmers Market stores in California (exact locations can be found at https://www.wildaboutsprouts.com ).  The companies expect to expand distribution to additional regions.

Wild About Sprouts Broccoli Sprouts

Wild About Sprouts arrives at Sprouts Farmers Markets!

Those Sprouts Farmers Market locations now carry five of the brand’s six varieties:  alfalfa, broccoli, clover, clover & alfalfa, and clover & broccoli.  Wild About Sprouts’ patented COLD-GROWN® safety process and inventive package is essentially a greenhouse in itself, containing nearly 7,000 seeds, living, and growing into sprouts, fully tested for pathogens and untouched until the consumer removes them for consumption. All Wild About Sprouts products are sustainably grown, free of herbicides and pesticides, and are non-GMO. 

Sprouts are recognized as a top superfood, with broccoli sprouts at the forefront of that conversation. Broccoli sprouts provide up to 150 times the sulforaphane of regular broccoli. Sulforaphane is a powerful phytochemical and antioxidant that cancels out free radicals and is widely recognized for its unique ability to activate a cellular defense mechanism and to regulate the body’s antioxidant and detoxification systems. This may help to protect against cellular damage, disease and inflammation linked to numerous forms of cancer.

This collaboration brings together the unique and healthy creations of Wild About Sprouts with the commitment to quality and variety that Sprouts Farmers Market is renowned for. Customers at Sprouts will now have access to this curated selection of Wild About Sprouts products that cater to a rage of dietary preferences, ensuring health-conscious consumers can conveniently find their favorite items.

Barry Didato, President of Wild About Sprouts, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “We are excited to join forces with Sprouts Farmers Market, a brand that shares our values of promoting well-being through quality, wholesome products. This collaboration allows us to reach a broader audience and inspire more individuals to embrace a healthy and vibrant lifestyle – Wild About Sprouts are finally in Sprouts!”

About Wild About Sprouts
Wild About Sprouts are the next generation of highly functional, great-tasting sprouts, created as a safe and trustworthy solution to previous pathogen issues associated with the category. Using patented COLD GROWN® technology and available in six varieties, these amazing “super veggies” contain specific concentrated phytonutrients, scientifically proven to be of great benefit in preventing and fighting disease. Learn more at wildaboutsprouts.com.

About Rä Foods “Nourishing Innovation And People™”
Focusing on human health, wellness and longevity, Rä Foods brings great-tasting, highly functional foods to market through research, innovation and unrelenting vigilance. Our growing portfolio of brands includes Wild About Sprouts, Mixmi Frozen Yogurt,  and Wild About Bread, all share a simple purpose: bringing to life more wholesome, healthy, restorative food options for all.  Learn more at rafoods.com

About Sprouts Farmers Market, Inc. 

True to its farm-stand heritage, Sprouts offers a unique grocery experience featuring an open layout with fresh produce at the heart of the store. Sprouts inspires wellness naturally with a carefully curated assortment of better-for-you products paired with purpose-driven people. The healthy grocer continues to bring the latest in wholesome, innovative products made with lifestyle-friendly ingredients such as organic, plant-based, and gluten-free. Headquartered in Phoenix, Sprouts Farmers Market is one of the largest and fastest-growing specialty retailers of fresh, natural, and organic food in the United States.  Learn more at about.sprouts.com.

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