Vitalii Hersak announced implementation of the American experience in the action plan for veterans of the NGO “Free and Faithful”

WASHINGTON, April 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The second conference on veteran policy in Ukraine convened, marking a significant milestone in collaboration between experts from Ukraine and the United States. Building upon the success of its predecessor, which drew participation from 55 speakers representing 8 countries and delegates from 3 ministries, including Ukrainian, American, British, and European experts in veteran affairs, government officials, politicians, military personnel, and war veterans, this event aimed to forge a comprehensive action plan to support veterans and their families in Ukraine.

NGO “Free and Faithful” - Vitalii Hersak

Vitalii Hersak, head of the NGO “Vilni ta Virni,” spearheaded the presentation of a comprehensive action plan aimed at overhauling Ukraine’s veteran policies. The plan draws heavily on successful American strategies to create robust support systems for veterans. It covers several crucial areas including policies focused on female veterans, veteran benefits, and the medical, psychological, and socio-economic integration of veterans back into civilian life.

“The reform plan we’ve developed proposes enhanced bilateral cooperation between the United States and Ukraine, addressing 11 key areas essential for the support of our veterans,” Vitalii Hersak explained. “Immediate and coordinated efforts are essential to transform these insights into actionable and effective programs.”

Vitalii Hersak highlighted that the analysis of U.S. veteran policies — where over 50 laws safeguard veterans’ rights — starkly contrasts with Ukraine’s singular, outdated legislation. He stressed the urgency for Ukraine to adopt a more comprehensive legislative framework to effectively support its veterans.

Among the specific reforms proposed, Vitalii Hersak emphasized the need for legislative initiatives that would improve veterans’ access to medical rehabilitation, housing, employment opportunities, and support the development of veteran-owned businesses. Vitalii Hersak also emphasized the crucial role of community-based organizations in this reform, aiming to ensure local support and resources are accessible to veterans nationwide.

The conference received endorsements from numerous participants including notable figures such as Peter Huessy, John Kilmer, Colleen Denny, Daniel White, John Wagner, and Douglas Jordan. These supporters expressed their commitment to aiding in the implementation of the proposed reforms.

The event not only highlighted the pressing needs within Ukraine’s veteran support systems but also set the stage for an ongoing international partnership. The approved action plan based on American experiences paves the way for substantial improvements in how Ukraine supports its veterans.

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