Israel, the greatest American Ponzi scheme

The White House reiterates that the US ‘still has an ironclad commitment to help Israel with its self-defence’, regardless 

TO THE American idealists who are still hoping that the US government would finally come to their senses and join the whole world and the human race in condemning the Israeli Zionist regime’s murderous rampage against Gaza and Palestinians, and demanding for a ceasefire — dream on. 

The recent communique coming from White House last week — especially since the assassination of World Central Kitchen workers — was not borne out of sympathy, or humanity. 

It was all a sick, political double talk. 

While claiming that the senile, stooge President Joe Biden was increasingly getting angry over the mounting death toll and indiscriminate attacks on Gaza and Palestinian Gaza citizens, and has gone as far as “scolding” child killer Benjamin Netanyahu, the White House spokesperson reiterated that the US “still has an iron-clad commitment to help Israel with its self-defence.” 

That so called ‘self-defence’ has incited the Israel army to go on a rampage in the last 180 days, murdering more than 33,000 Palestinians, two third of them women and children. 

Biden administration’s hypocrisy is not surprising. Ratcheting rhetoric while openly weaponising the terrorist army was a politi- cal playbook for sitting presidents under threat, and reveals the US’ little regard for civilian, women and children life in Gaza. 

It was reported that Biden is now feeling the electoral heat, as it was reported that more than 346,000 Michigan voters are choosing “uncommitted” in their primary ballots as a symbol of protest against the unconditional support given by his administration to Israel. 

Why the Biden camp is still reluctant to rethink its diplomatic cover given to Israel, however, goes beyond politics. One had to delve a bit further into the theology of things to understand the unwavering solid support given across US administrations towards the criminal Zionist state. 

One particular documentary gave an interesting insight of how a far-right theological influence, Christian Zionism, shaped US foreign policies that has today allowed the thieving nation of Israel to possess nuclear and destructive armament capabilities that rivals even the world’s largest superpowers. 

The Christian Zionism movement gained prominence in the US since the formation of Israel through the Nakba of the Palestinians in 1948, based on a deranged belief of the significance of the Jewish state in biblical prophecy. 

Why deranged? 

Because the Christian Zionism suggest that the establishment of a racist state of Jews, expunged of its indigenous population of Muslim and Christian Arabs, is a precursor to the second coming of Jesus Christ and the fulfilment of the apocalyptic events described in the Book of Revelation — the Battle of Armageddon. 

And these delusional Zionists, who refers to themselves as “Evangelical Christians” or “Born-again Christians”, believe that before the huge battle ensues, a “rapture” event will happen, where the true believers of Jesus, dead or alive, will be suddenly and miraculously taken from the earth to meet Jesus in the air, and subsequently saved by their admission to Heaven. 

A former evangelical preacher, Frank Shaeffer, stated that although there is no single view on these apocalyptic events, the American Evangelical community latched on to one view, that they, the Believers, will be raptured before things got bad. 

“But there are certain verses in the Book of Revelation which seem to indicate that none of this can happen unless the state of Israel exists. 

“The American evangelical movement now said that not only we recognise this, this process can be advanced by torpedoing the peace process so the Palestinians never get their land back, the ancient borders of Israel need to be reclaimed and then Jesus will come back.” 

How rich is that? 

Basically, these American Zionists believe that the so-called “Rapture” is their short-cut to heaven. “Just get ‘em Jews into one state, then Jesus will come back, snatch us to paradise, and then return to extinguish the non- Believers, (including ‘em Jews), in the Battle of Armageddon, y’all.” 

It definitely beats other get-rich-quick Ponzi schemes around, hands-down. 

One particular Israeli Jew, Rabbi Arik Ascherman, co-founder of NGO, Rabbi for Human Rights, exclaimed: “It is inconceivable to me that God would want us to be treating other human beings this way. And it is impossible from what I do know of Jesus that he would be in favour of oppressing other people.” 

Common sense aside, these Christian Zionism movements however, are by no means, trivial. It was estimated that there are more than 80 million Evangelical Christians in the US, representing approximately a quarter of US voters. 

One of the leading organisations, Christians United for Israel (CUFI) has become a political powerhouse via its vast network of pastors and preachers. Founded by pastor John Hagee, the leading voice for Christian Zionism, it claims to have 10 million registered members. In 2021, CUFI successfully lobbied the US Congress to secure a US$3.3 billion (RM15.67 billion) military aid to Israel. 

And then there’s Robert Jeffress, founder of First Baptist Church who boasts the title of Spiritual Advisor to Donald J Trump. He was credited for persuading Trump to unilaterally recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv. 

According to Schaeffer, the bedrock of support for Israel prevails because the American Evangelicals think it will bring Jesus back quicker. “Without the evangelical voters no politicians anywhere in any office in America gets elected,” he quipped. 

So how do you counter against a Ponzi scheme promising a quick, easy, guilt-free ascension to heaven? 

The Witness Documentary, “Praying for Armageddon”, directed by Tonje Hessen Schei and produced by UpNorth Film Production for Al Jazeera, is available online. 

  • Asuki Abas is the editor of The Malaysian Reserve. 

  • This article first appeared in The Malaysian Reserve weekly print edition