AGC still deliberating on Insp Sheila’s representation to dismiss charge

KUALA LUMPUR — The Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) is still deliberating on the representation filed by police officer Insp Sheila(picture) to dismiss a public nuisance charge filed against her in November last year.

Deputy public prosecutor Hamizah Hisan updated Magistrate Illi Marisqa Khalizan regarding the representation submitted by the officer, Sheila Sharon Steven Kumar, 36, indicating that it is still under review by the AGC, and requested trial dates to be set in the meantime.

In light of this, Illi Marisqa set the trial dates for June 10 and 11, and scheduled May 16 for mention to ascertain the progress of the representation.

On Nov 8 last year, Sheila, aged 36, pleaded not guilty to a charge of causing public nuisance by shouting and continuously honking a car horn, causing public distress to Nuraihan Nadzirah Ibrahim, aged 27.

The incident allegedly took place in the parking lot of a shopping centre in Brickfields at 5.26 pm on June 16 last year, with the charge framed under Section 268 of the Penal Code which carries a maximum fine of RM400 upon conviction.

Meanwhile, outside the court after the proceedings, Sheila’s lawyer, M. Manoharan, stated that if the decision on the representation favours his client on May 16, the trial will not proceed.

“My client also has another case scheduled for mention at the Selayang Magistrate’s Court tomorrow,” he said. — BERNAMA / pic TMR FILE