PM Anwar’s stand on Gaza draws support from prominent figures

BERLIN — Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s (picture) criticism on Western countries’ lack of action against Israel’s atrocities in Gaza has drawn support from prominent figures across various fields globally.

Former All Blacks star Sonny Bill Williams in a posting on X (former Twitter) said history cannot be forgotten when discussing issues.

“But I of course cannot accept the fact that when you discuss issues, we’re only confined to one particular incident forgetting the thousands and thousands of victims from the NAKBA (catastrophe) of 1947-48”,’ he wrote.

“Mashallah @anwaribrahim speaking facts”, said the two-time World Cup winner with New Zealand in 2011 and 2015, who has been critical of the situation in Gaza.

Anwar drew international spotlight when he criticised Western countries during a joint press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin on March 11, for their lack of action against Israel’s atrocities in Gaza. 

The premier, who is on a six-day official visit to Germany, criticised Western countries for their lack of action against Israel’s atrocities in Gaza, questioning the humanity of the West and condemned their “selective” and “ambivalent” attitude towards the conflict.

Acclaimed British-American journalist Mehdi Hasan said Anwar is now standing for the majority of the world’s people in defending the right of Palestine people.

“We have reached a point where the prime minister of Malaysia @anwaribrahim now speaks for the majority of the world’s people and not a European or Western leader,” he wrote in X.

French journalist Arnaud Betrand, @RnaudBertrand, shared the same clip of Anwar’s stance, describing it as “an immensely satisfying must-watch”.

Betrand also shared Anwar’s quote where the premier stated that solution cannot be achieved by being so one-sided, in terms of looking only at one particular issue and erase 60 years of atrocities.

Renowned Swedish-Lebanese singer-songwriter Maher Zain, @MaherZain, expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, tweeting, “Thank you Mr Prime Minister @anwaribrahim” for his contribution to the discourse.

Portuguese politician and author Bruno Macaes @MacaesBruno wrote on X:

“A stunning exchange in Berlin between Scholz and Anwar Ibrahim. We live in a new world. Germany just didn’t get the memo. The contrast in public speaking ability also striking”.

Anwar had said that Israel’s decades-long policies against Palestinians and its atrocities were the root cause of the ongoing conflict.

More than 31,000 people have been killed since the beginning of Israel’s war on Gaza nearly five months ago. — BERNAMA / pic AFP