PNSB, IJM, and LSH collaborate for southern Selangor’s transportation transformation

PERMODALAN Negeri Selangor Bhd (PNSB), IJM Corp Bhd, and Lim Seong Hai Capital Bhd (LSH) have jointly announced a strategic collaboration aimed at transforming the road transportation infrastructure in the southern districts of Selangor. 

The initiative, named the Southern Selangor Integrated Regional Development (IDRISS), focuses on boosting economic potential through diverse development projects across industrial, logistics, warehousing, ports, commerce, housing, tourism, and education. 

The collaboration aims to improve connectivity, reduce travel time, and create new development corridors, contributing significantly to Selangor’s emergence as a pivotal hub for regional trade and investment. 

The partnership leverages PNSB’s experience, IJM’s core expertise in construction, and LSH’s capital management to support sustainable regional development and long-term benefits for the community. –TMR