Shattering stereotypes: Empowering women in engineering

Among the women who are taking centre stage at this annual celebration is Rosen Group APAC marketing head Noor Alia 


MARCH 8 marks International Women’s Day to commemorate and reflect on the progress of gender equality. 

Among the women who are taking centre stage at this annual celebration is Rosen Group Asia Pacific (APAC) marketing head Noor Alia Mohd Anif. 

The Malaysian Reserve (TMR) sat down with Noor Alia as she spoke about her remarkable journey that has shattered gender barriers and ignited inspiration among aspiring female professionals in engineering. 

Despite the stark statistics from the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Gender Gap Report 2023, which unveils a mere 27.1% female representation among graduates in engineering, manufacturing and construction in Malaysia, Noor Alia’s rise to leading the marketing team at Rosen Asia Pacific defies these odds. 

Noor Alia delved into her career trajectory, sharing pivotal milestones and experiences. 

She emphasised her adaptability from traditional to digital marketing strategies, showcasing resilience in the face of industry evolution. 

Shaping the Industry’s Perception

Noor Alia recognised the pivotal role of marketing in shaping the image of the engineering and public safety sector. 

Through innovative campaigns and strategic messaging, she sought to challenge stereotypes and highlight the contributions of women in traditionally male-dominated fields. 

By redefining the narrative surrounding engineering, Noor Alia aimed to attract diverse talent and foster a more inclusive industry culture. 

Her journey has not been without challenges. As a single mother, she navigated the delicate balance between her professional aspirations and parental responsibilities. 

Yet, she remained committed to giving her all each day, striving for success in both realms. 

With a career spanning 17 years, Noor Alia has carved a remarkable path in the engineering industry. 

Since leading the marketing team in 2015, she has spearheaded transformative initiatives that challenge conventional norms. 

Her innovative marketing strategies, notably the implementation of a groundbreaking digital marketing project, not only propelled Rosen’s success but also secured a monumental RM1 million tender with one of the biggest oil and gas companies in the industry. 

“Amid the challenges posed by Covid-19, maintaining direct contact with customers in the technical sector becomes increasingly difficult due to its niche nature,” Noor Alia told TMR. 

The inability to meet clients face-to-face necessitated the development of a digital marketing strategy. 

She said this strategy encompasses various channels including social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as email marketing, which is particularly crucial for targeting specific markets in South-East Asia, Oceania and China. 

On top of that, she noted that tailoring marketing approaches to accommodate diverse languages and cultural nuances is imperative in the APAC region, where multiple languages are spoken. 

She pointed out numerous times that despite scepticism towards the effectiveness of business-to-business (B2B) email marketing, its tailored approach proves indispensable in reaching and engaging with target audiences across different sectors and geographical regions. 

“When it comes to marketing, our role is all about positioning. We guide you to the right place, paving the path to generate leads and assess outcomes. Unfortunately, many people overlook this distinction,” she admitted. 

Unlike other companies that lump sales and marketing together, Rosen emphasises the importance of delineating marketing’s unique role. 

“By integrating the marketing 360 strategy with our email marketing efforts, we have successfully generated leads that led to a conversion worth RM1 million for one of our largest clients in Malaysia,” she added. 

The aim of a 360-marketing strategy is to engage with the target demographic through a multitude of platforms and channels. 

This comprehensive approach encompasses both traditional and digital marketing platforms, ensuring a seamless integration across the entire consumer experience. 

Noor Alia’s leadership has elevated the company’s profile and set new standards within the engineering sphere. 

“I entered the industry with a mission to establish marketing and communication channels for APAC. Joining during a period of restructuring and rebranding, I embarked on this journey solo, all while navigating pregnancy. 

“With just a designer by my side, we tackled the task of covering the entire APAC region. The key factor that kept me committed was trust in my abilities, despite the prevailing scepticism towards marketing’s efficacy,” she said to TMR. 

Additionally, she implored that building a department from scratch came with its challenges, particularly in bridging the gap between marketing and engineering mindsets. 

Educating colleagues on the significance of marketing, both internally and externally was paramount. 

Noor Alia said establishing understanding and cooperation within the team was crucial for implementing effective marketing strategies. 

“While it took time to foster this comprehension, our openness and dedication paved the way for successful initiatives, including internal employee engagement programmes,” she added. 

Empowering Women in Engineering

Noor Alia’s achievements extend beyond professional success; she actively champions gender equality and empowers women in the engineering field. 

Despite being one of the few women in a predominantly male workforce, she has embraced her role as a trailblazer. 

She organises women-focused events such as monthly dinners and the Rosen RoActive initiative, fostering a supportive community for female employees. 

RoActive encompasses simple workout sessions and exercise routines. 

“As cliche as it sounds, here at Rosen, we are one big happy family. “I offer mentorship sessions to interns and newcomers, providing guidance and encouragement to navigate the challenges of a male-dominated industry,” she told TMR. 

She said her dedication to empowering women extends to her advocacy for mentorship and professional development. 

Recognising the importance of mentorship in career advancement, she is actively engaging in mentoring sessions to guide aspiring female professionals. 

By sharing her insights and experiences, Noor Alia cultivates a culture of support and collaboration, enabling women to thrive in male-dominated industries. 

As a single mother, Noor Alia exemplifies resilience and determination in balancing her career with parental responsibilities. 

Navigating the demands of a high-profile position while ensuring the well-being of her son requires unwavering dedication and effective time management. 

Noor Alia’s ability to maintain professional excellence while prioritising family underscores her resilience and serves as an inspiration to working mothers everywhere. 

Rosen and Its Businesses 

When talking about Rosen, Noor Alia said recently, in the realm of pipeline integrity management, there has been significant progress. 

“We have enhanced our pipeline inspection capabilities, utilising advanced tools to capture detailed imagery of pipeline conditions. 

“This data enables us to identify issues like corrosion or leaks, allowing us to advise on necessary repairs or maintenance,” she explained. 

Most importantly, she highlighted that the inspection process does not require halting production as Rosen’s tools seamlessly integrate into your operations, ensuring minimal disruption while providing crucial insights into your pipeline’s health. 

“With our cutting-edge technology, you can address potential issues proactively, without compromising productivity,” she claimed. 

Rosen is a privately-owned global technology company that delivers asset integrity management solutions for all areas of the integrity process chain of industrial assets. 

It is operating in 110 countries with over 4,000 employees. 

  • This article first appeared in The Malaysian Reserve weekly print edition