PLS Plantations, Shenzhen Shenyue, and IWH to develop industrial park and hub in Johor

PLS Plantations Berhad, Shenzhen Shenyue Investment, and Iskandar Waterfront Holdings (IWH) have formed a strategic collaboration to enhance Johor’s economic landscape through the construction of an industrial park and the establishment of an innovation development hub.

PLS group is the land owner of one of the identified locations for the Johor — Shenzhen Industrial Park and Innovation Hub.

Shenzhen Shenyue Investment, a subsidiary of Fortune 500 company Shenzhen Investment Holding Co. Ltd., and IWH, a public-private partnership with the Johor State Government, bring expertise in overseas industrial park investment and property development, respectively.

The collaboration aims to boost the international competitiveness of industries in the Johor-Shenzhen Industrial Park, emphasising manufacturing, ecosystem expansion, and global market access. m

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed today outlines the collaborative efforts, focusing on constructing the industrial park, establishing the innovation hub, and fostering strategic emerging industries.

The MoU, effective immediately, is set to remain in effect for 12 months, with the anticipation of final definitive agreements for the proposed collaboration as the venture unfolds.

This ambitious initiative has the potential to transform Johor into a hub for innovation and economic growth. — TMR