PayerPro360 – Empowering Pharma/Biotech with Robust Payer Insights

HARTFORD, Conn., March 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Thelansis Knowledge Partners, specialized in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical business research and consulting Company, launched PayerPro360 To empower Pharma/Biotech with Robust Payer Insights.


PayerPro360 by Thelansis – Empowering Pharma/Biotech with Robust Payer Insights. PayerPro360 is an innovative and user-friendly AI-based platform developed by Thelansis Knowledge Partners, designed to revolutionize Payer Research.

Payer market research and insights generation are integral to pharma decision-making during drug development, premarket launch strategy, and post-marketing activities. However, the payer research has been more challenging than the physician/ KOL market research because of various deficits with the payer market-research methods (e.g., time-consuming, low sample size, lack of payer segmentation, limited geographical scope) and costlier nature. In addition, insights from payer research have often been challenging to interpret while decision-making due to the lack of requisite in-house expertise.

Thelansis, a leading physician/KOL-based market research provider, has developed an AI-based platform (PayerPro360) to overcome the difficulties associated with payer-based market research. With Thelansis’s robust global payer network, pharma/ biotech clients can gather valuable insights in real-time, with high quality, and at a fraction of the cost compared with some other payer research methods.

Thelansis has strong expertise in identifying, mapping, segmenting, profiling, and onboarding payers into our platform across therapy areas. PayerPro360 comprises directories of Private/Commercial Payers, Public Payers, Managed care organizations (MCOs), Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), Institutional Payers, Charitable organizations, International payers, AND Others. Through PayerPro360 platform, payers engage with the key stakeholders of pharma companies and provide support to their critical business questions.

Key features of PayerPro360:

  • AI-based, hassle-free in-house research questionnaire design
  • Global payer coverage spans 31+ markets, including emerging countries
  • Turnaround time as low as 3 weeks for enhanced efficiency
  • Reduce the project cost by up to 50% or more
  • Feature for revalidating data and following up with the payers
  • Customizable output with continuous support from MA experts throughout the engagement


PayerPro 360 insights during drug development





Unmet need assessment

Trial endpoint selection

Pricing/ HEOR decisions

Targeted messaging

Indication prioritization

Trial design inputs

Reimbursement approaches

Value-based pricing strategies

Opportunity assessment

Target product profile evalucation

Unclocking commercial potential in licensing/ out licensing

Patient Access programs

Concept testing

Policy impact analysis

Competition evaluation


Client testimonials:

“Using PayerPro360 significantly improved our understanding of payer preferences, enabling us to refine our market access strategies effectively.” – VP, Market Access & Pricing, Renowned Pharma Company

“The platform’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting options made analyzing payer insights a breeze. Highly recommended!” – Market Research Manager, Renowned Cell and Gene Therapy Company

Overall, PayerPro360 by Thelansis enables navigating the complex healthcare landscape and maximize market access strategies.

Ready to unlock the power of payer insights with PayerPro360?

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