Ministry of Digital and MDEC drive metaverse integration with RM200,000 incentives

IN a collaborative effort with the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), the Ministry of Digital is spearheading innovation and digital transformation through the introduction of the Brand Metaverse Onboarding Programme and Immersive IP Experiences Programme, offering significant financial support of up to RM200,000 per project to accelerate the integration of Malaysian brands and intellectual properties (IPs) into the metaverse.

The Minister of Digital, Gobind Singh Deo (picture), unveiled these incentive programs at the MDEC Digital Creative Industry Day, an annual event uniting professionals in the digital content and creative technology field.

The event featured the 2024 Digital Content Industry Updates by MDEC, encompassing market access programs, grants, and industry support through the Malaysia Digital Content Festival, IMMERSE KL, LEVEL UP KL, and KRe8tif! industry platform.

The Brand Metaverse Onboarding Programme offers eligible companies incentives of up to RM100,000 to craft immersive and experiential virtual world content tailored for Malaysian brands.

The initiative spans the creation of diverse digital assets, experiences, and environments within the metaverse, including 3D models, interactive multimedia presentations, and games.

Its primary goal is to enhance user experiences and interactions within the virtual universe.

The Immersive IP Experiences Programme provides incentives of up to RM200,000 per project, aiming to expand top Malaysian IPs to a broader audience through existing Web2/Web3 centralized metaverses.

Successful applicants will be entrusted with creating a minimum of 10 minutes of immersive content featuring characters and settings based on partner Malaysian IPs.

These incentive programs are designed to empower digital content creators, spur the development of intellectual property-related content within the metaverse, and catalyze digital transformation in the business sector.

By offering financial support and promoting the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, MDEC is committed to advancing Malaysia’s digital ecosystem. — TMR


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