BTL Aesthetics launches Exion 4-in-1 

Now available in Malaysia, offering medical professionals an advanced solution to meet diverse aesthetic and medical needs


BTL Aesthetics today launched the Exion 4-in-1 device, designed to address skin, face, body and intimate health concerns.

It is now available in Malaysia for medical professionals seeking an advanced solution to meet the varied aesthetic and medical needs of their patients.

According to BTL Aesthetics medical device country manager Rebecca Arthur, Exion offers a leap in body contouring technology with results that speak volumes.

“Primarily, there is a 224% increase in hyaluronic acid naturally, without the need for needles. This allows the skin to stretch and flex naturally, reducing wrinkles and lines,” she said in her speech.

Rebecca added that Exion enables medical professionals to target multiple body areas and aesthetic concerns with impressive patient comfort and minimal to no downtime, thanks to its top-of-the-line subdermal remodelling capabilities.

“Exion showcases a variety of unprecedented outcomes, including a 85% improvement in skin laxity and a remarkable 22% reduction in fat.

“Our goal is to make sure Malaysians with aesthetic concerns no longer endure pain or discomfort, only to be disappointed. Exion provides a groundbreaking solution for both comfort and efficacy,” she added.

Meanwhile, Alainn Clinic founder and medical director Dr Nurul Ain Abdullah said Exion is engineered to treat over 23 different areas. These include facial zones such as the periorbital area and forehead, as well as larger body regions such as the arms, abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

“It’s utility and effectiveness are supported by both extensive clinical trials and medical professionals,” she added.

Commenting further, she emphasised that in order to tackle all layers of the skin in multiple areas, Exion uses four advanced applicators.

“The Fractional RF applicator tightens and enhances skin texture, while the Face applicator boosts hyaluronic acid production without the need for needles. 

“The Body applicator targets lax skin and localised fat, and the Emfemme 360 applicator restores intimate health and aesthetics for women without causing discomfort,” she added.