Govt to centralise charging station apps


DEPUTY Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI) Liew Chin Tong (picture) said that efforts on centralising the apps for charging station apps for Electric Vehicle is already in the pipelines.

He said that the government has plans to combine all the apps into one, but it requires collaboration with charging point operators (CPO).

“However, it requires teamwork with other charging point operators (CPO) and the government is currently in discussion with them in order to achieve internal operativity,” he told the Dewan Rakyat today.

He was responding to an additional question by Jimmy Puah Wee Tse (PH-Tebrau) on the struggles that EV car users are dealing with mainly on the lack of centralization of charging station apps.

As a user of EV vehicles, he said that the current structure of the charging station apps is confusing and inconvenient as each charging station company has its own apps.

“I currently have seven different EV charging apps, each with different types of payments and some of them require us to top up before we can use it,” he said.

Liew then added that MITI extended the offers to motorcycles and cars but it is still being revised by the financial minister to promote the transition towards a net zero target.

As of Dec 2023, up to 2020 units have been installed to 750 locations nationwide.

Out of that, 1,591 are automated current (AC) charging ports, while the other 429 units are direct current (DC) chargers, providing faster charging speeds compared to AC charging ports.

Liew also said that Malaysia is transitioning to green energy resources and noted that Malaysia is performing better than the neighbouring countries because Malaysia has both a semiconductor and automotive ecosystem.

“Both of these ecosystems are our advantages,” he added.

Liew also noted that Malaysia’s private car sector market is vast, where Indonesia has more than 1 million cars sold yearly, whereas Thailand recorded 800K, and Malaysia has recorded almost 800K cars sold yearly.

Because most EV car users in Malaysia are landed houses and more shopping malls installing DC-type chargers, the government will focus on installing more DC-type chargers.

“To solve range anxiety that worries EV users, we propose to reevaluate the target of reaching 10,000 units of charging stations which was raised during the national EV steering committee last month,” he said.