IGEM 2024 to attract RM4.8b business lead, emphasised urgency for climate action


INTERNATIONAL Greentech and Eco Product Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (IGEM 2024) is aiming to attract a business lead of RM4.8 billion through a global participation emphasising the urgency on climate action. 

Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Sustainability, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad said IGEM 2024 is to push boundaries and develop their own greentech’s footprint in new countries like Europe, the Middle East and North Africa through its program.

“I think because for now, we all realise the issue of climate urgency and the challenges in front. Often we are always looking for the solution and technology out there,” he said during the soft launch of IGEM 2024 in KLCC. 

With the theme, Race Towards Net Zero: Regional Leadership for Climate Urgency, IGEM 2024 will focus on empowering cities, electrifying mobility, decarbonising energy, accelerating circularity and conserving biodiversity.

“Through this event there’s an opportunity for people to look at the products and services that’s available in the market for people to utilise,” Nik Nazmi added.

IGEM 2024 also includes new attractions such as a dedicated industry zone for hydrogen and other carbon technologies, Clean Energy Transition Asia (CETA), and multi-venue connected autonomous shared electric mobility future exhibition.

It also aims to be a gateway to strengthening sustainability and providing Malaysia with momentum for upcoming COP 29 at Baku, Azerbaijan and Expo 2025 Osaka, Japan.

IGEM 2023 saw a record RM11.17 billion in business leads resulting from over eight Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs), Memorandum of Intent (MoIs) and other international and inter-industry agreements.

Nik Nazmi said that Malaysia during the UNFCCC COP28 in Dubai, has successfully unlocked close to RM50 billion in business collaborations, including 17 MOUs and partnerships were sealed.

“I urge companies as well as financial institutions to consider becoming sponsors for IGEM 2024 – to help uphold as well as accelerate Malaysia’s regional leadership in green technology and climate change,” he said. 

In a related matter, Nik Nazmi also gave his assurance that the government is committed to transitioning its fleet to electric vehicles this year.

While there was no specific timeline for the implementation, Nik Nazmi said the transition would begin on a small scale.

“Last year, the government made an announcement on the transition. I think the start of the government’s fleets being converted to EVs will be done very soon.

“But obviously, it will not be implemented in total because it is a huge fleet and because of the financial implications.

“We have to double-check (the specific timeline of the implementation), but the start of it will be this year,”he said.