Great Lake Investments Successfully Completes Beechwood Place Development in Spring Lake Amidst Community Harmony

SPRING LAKE, Mich., Feb. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Great Lake Investments, a leading real estate development company in west Michigan, proudly announces the successful completion of the 32 condo Beechwood Place development in Spring Lake, demonstrating an innovative and harmonious approach to addressing the community’s housing needs.

How did Great Lake Investments achieve this feat amidst Spring Lake’s notorious pushback against development?

Spring Lake has long been recognized as a community in need of housing, yet it is equally notorious for its robust resistance to new developments. While other developers, such as Eastbrook, faced three years of contentious battles with Spring Lake over new home construction, Great Lake Investments took a different path by fostering collaboration with the community.

Quiet Collaboration Yields Remarkable Results

Great Lake Investments distinguished itself by working diligently behind the scenes to engage with the local community and understand its unique needs and concerns. Instead of encountering resistance, the company found ways to align its goals with those of Spring Lake residents, ultimately delivering a development that has been met with enthusiasm.

Mike Kalis, CEO of Great Lake Investments, Highlights Value and Unique Financing Options

Mike Kalis, CEO of Great Lake Investments and 4-time entrepreneur, attributes the success to the company’s commitment to providing value and innovative financing solutions. “Our community offers 2150 sq ft, 5-bedroom homes with 3 full baths in the mid $300Ks,” says Kalis. “Additionally, we are able to assist with unique land contract options that others can’t provide.”

A Win-Win Solution

The completion of the Beechwood Place development not only addresses Spring Lake’s housing needs but also showcases the potential for developers to work collaboratively with communities. Great Lake Investments’ approach serves as a model for balancing development goals with community interests, creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved.
As of press time, only 3 opportunities are available in Beechwood Place.For media inquiries or further information, please contact Mike Kalis at [email protected] or 734-751-1624.
About Great Lake Investments: Great Lake Investments is a forward-thinking real estate development company based in west Michigan dedicated to creating developments that meet the unique needs of communities. With a focus on collaboration, innovation, and value, Great Lake Investments strives to contribute positively to the areas in which it operates.  

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