Mongol Refinery Team Applauds MEIL for Supporting Dzud Relief Efforts

  • Aid provided for livestock support
  • Constructing largest camp for 2,400 workers

HYDERABAD, India, Feb. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Mongol Oil Refinery team, have expressed their gratitude to Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Ltd (MEIL), for its generous contribution towards supporting the Mongolian herders affected by the devastating weather Dzud.

MEIL and Mongol Refinery teams come together to help the Dornogovi nomads affected by the devastating weather Dzud. (PRNewsfoto/Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Limited (MEIL))

Dr. Altansetseg Dashdavva, CEO – MR, Mongolia said, “On behalf of my company, as well as the Mongolian herders who are suffering by harsh snow catastrophe, I want to express my deepest thankfulness for your generous contribution on our aid and help to Dornogovi nomads! May God be always with Megha Engineering and with India.”

MEIL is constructing three critical segments in Mongolia’s first greenfield integrated Mongol Oil Refinery project coming up in the Dornogobi province, Mongolia.  Within this refinery, MEIL is overseeing the construction of diesel hydrotreater unit (DHDT), and a hydrocracker Unit (HCU), visbreaker unit (VBU), hydrogen generation unit (HGU), sulphur block, LPG treating unit, hydrogen compression and distribution – matching, plant buildings— satellite rack rooms, sub-stations, open art units, utilities, offsites, and others.

To ensure deadlines are met and work is not hampered, MEIL is also constructing the biggest camp in the region for 2,400 workers.

The Dzud weather, characterised by extreme cold and harsh weather conditions, has caused widespread hardship and food insecurity for herder communities who rely heavily on their livestock for existence across Mongolia.

MEIL hydrocarbons president Mr P. Rajesh Reddy said, “Our commitment for livestock support to the Dornogovi nomads during this challenging time reflects our values of empathy and solidarity that we all share. The aid from the MEIL family will mitigate the tragedy of livestock mortality and empower herder households to procure vital hay and fodder for their animals.”

MEIL remains committed to working with its partners and stakeholders to build a more resilient energy secure future for Mongolia.

About MEIL

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