Stricter rules for online sales platforms come into force in EU 

BRUSSELS – Starting on Saturday, even small online platforms accessible in Europe will have to comply with stricter rules, for example with regard to consumer protection and the transparency of advertising, reported German news agency (dpa).

According to the European Commission, users must be given the opportunity to report illegal content, goods and services, for example.

Providers of very large online platforms such as Google, Amazon and YouTube have already had to comply with the rules – which are part of the Digital Services Act (DSA) – since August 2023.

The European Commission is responsible for monitoring the online giants. In Germany, the Federal Network Agency is responsible for smaller providers who now have to follow suit. One example of a service that now falls under the DSA is the German online marketplace, a platform where private individuals can buy and sell.

The platforms must provide their users with information about the adverts displayed to them – for example, why the adverts are being shown to them and who has paid for them.

In addition, minors are to be given special protection. It is, therefore, forbidden to target them with adverts based on personal data.

The digital association Bitkom said it was a milestone for internet users in the EU. Consumers will be better protected against disinformation, hate speech and counterfeit products, and online security will be significantly improved. – BERNAMA-dpa / pic TMR FILE