‘Voices of Resistance 2024’ amplifies support for Gaza at KL Art Gallery


THE “Voices of Resistance 2024” art exhibition by Turkish creators is celebrating solidarity and resilience, showcasing Turkish artistry while also expressing unwavering support for the people of Gaza, Palestine.

Running from Feb 5 to 11 at the KL City Art Gallery, the exhibition is a collaborative effort spearheaded by the Birlikte Sanat Society (Together for Art Platform), in partnership with the Turkish embassy and the Yunus Emre Institute (YEE). 

The Turkish ambassador to Malaysia, Emir Salim Yuksel, inaugurated the exhibition, symbolising the strong ties between Türkiye and Malaysia.

In a statement issued by the Birlikte Sanat Society, the exhibition is described as more than just a display of art; it is a manifestation of hope and resilience.

“It embodies the indomitable spirit and hope of communities that have risen above adversity, conveying a resounding message of solidarity and unity,” the statement read.

Furthermore, Voices of Resistance 2024 is a testament to the transformative power of art in affecting social change and providing aid to communities in crisis.

“The event stands as a testament to the transformative power of art in propelling social change and providing aid to communities grappling with disaster,” the statement continued.

This exhibition not only celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Türkiye but also serves as a platform for extending assistance to those in need, emphasising the enduring friendship between Türkiye and Malaysia.

In conjunction with the exhibition, on Feb 7 and 8, the Birlikte Sanat Society, along with YEE and Geutanyoe Malaysia, organised an art therapy programme aimed at nurturing the talents of children in refugee schools and learning centres in Malaysia.

“We completed the two-day event, and it went well. The children showed great expressiveness, and we observed more smiles on their faces,” shared Tuba Ahsan with The Malaysian Reserve (TMR).

Ahsan is a Turkish artist whose artwork is being displayed at the exhibition and a representative from the Birlikte Sanat Society.

This initiative seeks to empower orphaned and refugee children from various conflict-ridden regions, including Palestine, Yemen, Myanmar, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria and Sri Lanka, through the therapeutic power of art therapy.

“We believe in the healing power of art, and through this programme, we hope to provide a safe space for these children to express themselves and discover their potential,” she added, encouraging art enthusiasts and collectors to visit and support Voices of Resistance 2024.

The exhibition ends on Sunday, Feb 11.