Meraque’s AGV project leads Malaysia’s technological revolution

by AZALEA AZUAR / pic Meraque

MERAQUE Group’s Meraque Training Academy (Merit) is set to train over 500 talents by the end of 2024 to meet the growing demand for drone services.

To empower the youth and train them in robotics, Meraque signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Youth and Sports Ministry in November 2023.

Its locally-made autonomous ground vehicle (AGV) project led Malaysia’s technological revolution last year by implementing advanced robotic solutions for various industries.

Also known as Robotic Agro in Complex Environment (RACE), it was developed in-house by local talents and utilises Smart Internet of Things (IoT), 3D Lidar, geographic information systems (GIS) and other technologies. 

The vehicle is meant to revolutionise agriculture and plantation management through a digital blueprint that it has developed, focusing on precision agriculture and robotic automation to enhance food supplies.

It has bagged five awards at the Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE), International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX), and Global Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. 

Meraque overcomes market hesitancy by demonstrating the efficiency of RACE through proof-of-concept trials. 

Meraque’s goal is to become a global leader in drone and robotic solutions by 2024 which it aims to expand into various industries like logistics, surveillance, energy, education and entertainment. 

It aims to expand into Indonesia and the Philippines and beyond South-East Asia and is expected to cover Papua New Guinea and the African continent by 2025.

During the first quarter of this year (1Q24), it moved to a larger facility to expand its operations, meeting growing demand for UAVs and UGVs. 

The company also continues to collaborate with ministries and agencies to bring positive and social and economic impact.

Meraque CEO Md Razalee Ismail said the team experienced a roller coaster ride last year which was fully engaged and overcoming every obstacle.

“Despite the hurdles, we successfully checked off several boxes on our to-do list. 

“And these boxes hold immense significance for us because they are our stepping stones, ranging from forging valuable partnerships to unveiling innovative products and expanding our presence regionally,” he said in a statement.

The company is looking forward to this year not just in terms of its expansion plans but also to continuing its commitment to innovation, efficiency, and social impact. 

It is focused on emerging trends, job creation, and contributing to Malaysia’s GDP and has a forward-looking perspective which is reflected in its past journey and future aspirations.

“At Meraque, our commitment is resolute — we are not just steering our course but actively contributing to the collective effort to make Malaysia a regional robotics hub by 2030. 

“Picture a high-tech Malaysia where robotics shines in services, agriculture, and manufacturing, earning us international acclaim as a technological trailblazer,” Md Razalee added.

The company’s commitment extends beyond industry transformation to promoting Malaysia’s agricultural capabilities globally. 

It believes that it has reached its peak where it will focus on continuous growth and impact in the upcoming year.

During the Budget 2024 tabled last year, the government allocated a total of RM20 million to establish Malaysia’s first artificial intelligence (AI) faculty at the University of Technology Malaysia.

This aims to strengthen innovation and digital talent in the field of AI for sustainable economic growth.

According to the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry (MOSTI), the Malaysia Robotics market is expected to reach RM103.1 billion by 2030 which is expected to surpass the National Robotics Roadmap 2021-2030.

However in 2022, the industry’s value was RM 92.29 billion, despite the economic impact of Covid-19.