Cost of performing haj for first-time B40 pilgrims set at RM12,356 – TH

KUALA LUMPUR – Tabung Haji (TH) today announced the cost for first-time Malaysian muassasah pilgrims from the B40 group to perform the haj this year at RM12,356 per person.

TH Group managing director and chief executive officer Syed Hamadah Syed Othman said the cost for first-time pilgrims from the M40 group, however, is at RM19,152 per person.

He said this was due to the fact that the cost of performing the haj for the muassasah pilgrims had risen to RM33,300 this year from RM30,850 last year.

The government has also agreed to subsidise RM1,000 per pilgrim for the haj season.

“Each pilgrim from the B40 group will receive 63 per cent in haj financial aid and government aid, which will come up to RM20,944 from the total cost.

“Those from the M40 group, on the other hand, will receive RM14,148 in financial aid or 42 per cent from the total cost per person,” he told a press conference on the haj cost and offer letter for the 1445H/2024M haj season at Menara TH here today.

Syed Hamadah said for the T20 group, a full payment of RM33,300 per person will be imposed to perform the haj.

“Despite the rising cost of haj, TH continues to seek the best methods to balance efforts in providing excellent services for the welfare of the Malaysian pilgrims while maintaining financial sustainability.

“In fact, TH has entered into long-term contract agreements involving flights, accommodation, meals, and various services in Saudi Arabia in a bid to control the rising cost,” he said.

Nevertheless, he added that TH is also exposed to factors beyond its control such as the increase in inflation rates, value-added tax, and service charges in the Holy Land.

“This structure of hajj payment, where M40 and B40 pilgrims enjoy financial aid of up to 42 per cent and 63 per cent of the actual cost respectively, will put pressure on TH’s financial position,” he said.

Syed Hamadah said TH has spent a cumulative total of RM2.4 billion in financial aid for haj since 2001, and is expected to spend another RM350.1 million for this year’s haj operations.

Meanwhile, Syed Hamadah said the haj offer letters will be sent to the 31,600 prospective pilgrims selected to perform the haj this year, starting today.

“They will be required to pay the cost of haj, undergo and pass the health examination before responding to the offer letter within 11 working days through the THiJARI app, or for certain cases, come to any nearby TH branch,” he said.

Of the total 31,600 pilgrims eligible to perform haj this year, it is estimated that 40 per cent belong to the B40 group, while 58 per cent are from the M40 group, and the remainder are from the T20 group.

Regarding the selection of pilgrims, he said that TH will prioritise those who missed out on performing the haj last year and those whose turn is this year.

“This is based on the haj registration system that prioritises those who registered earlier. Applications for haj appeals through the THiJARI online platform will open from Jan 26,” he explained, adding that if there are rejections of the haj offer letter and vacancies arise, these will be filled by eligible appellants. – BERNAMA / pic TMR FILE