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Co-creating a New Future: Infinitus Global Annual Conference 2024 Convenes in Guangdong

GUANGZHOU, China, Jan. 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Infinitus kicked off 2024 with the ‘Co-creating a New Future’ annual conference held in Foshan, Guangdong on January 13, 2024.

The conference, streamed live, attracted significant online engagement, garnering 848,000 viewers. The event showcased a blend of enthusiastic musical performances and captivating on-stage presentations, offering an engaging audiovisual experience.

In his keynote speech “Put Customers at the Center to Embrace the Future“, Mr. Sammy Lee, the fourth-generation Executive Chairman of the Lee Kum Kee Group, expressed a strong sense of responsibility that he felt in the role. He discussed the company’s transformational change, introducing a new approach to direct selling (DS) – one that redefines the concept and fully resonates with customer expectations. He foresees the approach as being not only a mission for the company but also a game changer for the industry. Mr. Lee concluded by saying, “Let us become the ambassadors of trust, the KOS for customers, and advocators for the preservation of Chinese health regimen. Through every word we say and every action we take, let us build trust with our customers. I believe that as long as we are united in thoughts and actions, we will achieve our grand corporate vision and become the most trusted company for centuries to come.”

Professor Jiaxu Chen, recipient of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Distinguished Professor of the Ministry of Education’s Changjiang Scholars Programme, Director of the National Key Disciplines of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Diagnostics at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and director of a key TCM laboratory in Guangzhou, offered an expert perspective on classic TCM prescriptions. In addition, Mr. Wenzhi Li, Research Director of Frontier Technology Research at Infinitus (China), detailed the company’s substantial efforts and progress in both preserving and innovating within the realm of TCM, using traditional prescriptions as a foundation for their work.

Mr. Fengsong Liu, Director of Quality and Technical Regulations at Infinitus (China), together with Mr. Lianwei Mao, a dedicated Ganoderma grower invited by the company, narrated the company’s commitment to cultivating premium Chinese herbs.

Mrs. Ming Liang, Manager of Frontier Technology Research at Infinitus (China), detailed the company’s sophisticated research system, a blend of a centralized hub and multiple technology platforms. He also highlighted recent breakthroughs from the Cambridge Infinitus Research Centre, showcasing the company’s commitment to innovative research in health technology.

Infinitus participated in the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)’s National Key R&D Program ‘Assisting in Reducing Blood Uric Acid New Health Function and Clearing Damp-Heat in Traditional Chinese Medicine.’ Mr. Linyuan Wang, Chief Scientist of the National Key R&D Programs 863 and 973, consultant for projects led by the State Drug Administration and the State Administration for Market Regulation, President of the Healthcare Industry Branch of China Pharmaceutical Culture Society, professor and doctoral supervisor at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, joined Mr. Hongzhang Chen, Senior R&D Engineer of Health Products at Infinitus (China), in sharing the  progress and results of the project.

One of the highlights at the conference was the unveiling of Infinitus’ Empowerment Plan for 2024 by Mr. Xiaoxiang Li, the company’s Regional Director, who meticulously interpreted the plan for the attendees. The plan provided business partners with a clear understanding of the strategic direction and future development objectives, aligning with the company’s mission in healthcare innovation and partnership cultivation.

Mr. Lam Yu, Vice Chairman of Infinitus (China), delivered an inspiring speech titled “Let Every Entrepreneur Shine”, highlighting Infinitus’ commitment to addressing the changing needs of its business partners. He emphasized the company’s strategies for adapting to market changes and leveraging its resources for long-term growth from 2024 onwards. The focus will be on developing TCM-based health solutions, empowering Infinitus’ business partners to build their personal brands, and co-creating a wellness community using Chinese health products. He said, “When we provide health and wellness solutions to more customers, and engage more business partners in our ecosystem, we are enabling everyone involved to make a meaningful difference.”

The pivotal event unified all members within the Infinitus ecosystem, from internal teams to the wide network of partners, reinforcing a shared vision and fortifying the collective path for 2024.

The conference concluded with dynamic music filling the air as attendees joined hands with the management team in a rendition of ‘Infinite Dreams’, reflecting both the successful conclusion of the event and the continuing journey of Infinitus.

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