DNB’s My5G Portal reveals tapestry of 5G innovations

Visitors can observe how industries incorporate 5G into their day-to-day operations 


TAKING a pioneering step in technological progress, Malaysia’s state-operated 5G network Digital Nasional Bhd (DNB) has introduced more than 50 innovative applications (known as use cases) spanning 12 distinct industry sectors during a media tour of the My5G Portal on Dec 21, 2023 at Tun Razak Exchange in Kuala Lumpur. 

These initiatives showcase the transformative power of 5G technology, with various partners collaborating seamlessly to bring solutions to life. 

My5G Portal covered use cases that span healthcare, manufacturing, public safety, entertainment and more. 

During the tour, the facility’s operators provided a diverse range of exhibition materials, starting with the history of 1G to 5G. 

Subsequently, they showcased examples of equipment used to transmit telecom signals. Typically seen atop tall towers, here visitors could observe them up close. 

Staff members were also available to explain the purpose of each component and briefly share how telecom operates in providing Internet connectivity. 

In a guided tour, visitors also witnessed how industries leverage 5G in their daily operations. 

This included how first responder teams at accident scenes receive remote instructions from doctors while treating accident victims. 

While participating in the demonstration of controlling a car model equipped with a 5G router from a console, this writer had the chance to encounter a real-time visual experience that was remarkably clear, akin to being physically present in the car and actively driving it. 

There were also demonstrations of how 5G can enhance the safety of individuals in the field through the monitoring of surrounding cameras, with the feeds sent directly to the operations room. 

Furthermore, there was an exhibition showcasing the use of small sensors dispersed throughout the city as flood detectors, providing warnings to the operations centre that managed the smart flood control system. 

Lastly, the tour explores how 5G streamlines retail operations, eliminating the need for counter attendants, as all items are remotely scanned using radio wave technology. 

Use Cases across 12 Verticals Healthcare: AINQA Health and Remote Patient Monitoring 

AINQA Health led the charge in healthcare innovation with its Remote Patient Monitoring solution. 

This initiative ensured continuous home monitoring through real-time tracking of patient data via Internet of Things (IoT) devices. 

It allowed doctors to monitor vital signs, receive emergency alerts and activate immediate responses in critical situations. 

The use of Smart Glasses for remote consultations enhances healthcare access — particularly in rural areas — and proved effective in managing chronic conditions, reducing hospital readmissions and facilitating timely interventions for improved health outcomes. 

ESG: Avanade’s Sustainable Powerline Corridor Management 

Avanade, a Microsoft solutions provider, introduced a sustainability revolution in powerline corridor management. 

Using Microsoft HoloLens and geospatial analytics powered by 5G, IoT and artificial intelligence (AI), Avanade’s solution allowed remote access to a detailed 3D view of powerline corridors. 

This innovative solution identifies potential hazards, improves environmental efficiency, ensures employee safety, and increases productivity in electricity transmission. It aligns business goals with a commitment to sustainability. 

Ericsson’s Connected Ambulance showcases real-time connectivity facilitating remote ultrasound scans (pic: TMR)

Manufacturing and Logistics: Rokid’s Digital Asset Inspection and AR in Logistics 

Rokid pioneered the workplace with its 5G-AI-AR (augmented reality) platform, showcased through Digital Asset Inspection (X-Craft). 

This platform — equipped with 5G capabilities, high-resolution see-through displays and ATEX Zone 1 Certification — enhances inspection efficiency and reduces labour intensity. 

Rokid’s AR in Logistics, known as Rokid Glass 2, offers remote maintenance solutions. This allows experts to guide on-site teams using live streaming, photos and videos, ensuring hands-free, safe, and efficient operations. 

Horizontal Solutions: Intel’s ANPR System and Machine Vision for Worker Safety 

Intel Corp contributes to the realm of traffic management with its Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system. 

Deployed to tackle traffic congestion, ANPR systems based on deep learning algorithms monitor roads, automate parking and facilitate free-flow toll systems. 

In the domain of worker safety, Intel utilises machine vision to enforce health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) policies. 

This application identifies whether personnel are wearing the required personal protective equipment (PPE), reducing work-related accidents in industrial settings. 

Smart City: Vector Infotech’s 5G-powered CCTV Cameras 

Vector Infotech elevates smart city infrastructure with 5G-powered CCTV cameras featuring AI capabilities. 

These cameras enable real-time anomaly detection in traffic flow, analyse live video feeds for accident detection and enhance traffic flow efficiency, safety and urban planning. 

This solution showcases the power of data-driven insights for efficient and sustainable urban life. 

Manufacturing: KUKA’s SCARA Robot and Capgemini’s 3D Remote Assistance in AR 

KUKA introduces the SCARA robot (KR6R500Z200) for small parts assembly and material handling, integrating digital services through KUKA iiQot. 

This cloud-based innovation offers real-time robot information, facilitating efficient troubleshooting and maximising uptime for improved production efficiency and product quality. 

Capgemini’s 3D Remote Assistance in AR empowers technicians with guided procedures, object recognition and top-quality remote support, reducing downtime and enhancing efficiency across manufacturing and energy sectors. 

Agriculture: ProPick’s 5G-enabled Drones for Plantation Asset Management 

ProPick transforms plantation management with 5G-enabled drones powered by AI. These drones leverage AI to map areas, track objects, identify plant health through normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI) imagery, automate tasks and provide real-time analytical feedback. 

ProPick redefines Plantation Management as “Plantation Asset Management”, turning each plant or tree into a valuable asset. 

Construction: SoftwareOne’s MTWO Construction Enterprise Cloud Solution 

SoftwareOne’s MTWO is a comprehensive construction enterprise cloud solution that connects all project stakeholders, processes and data on one integrated platform. 

With over 100 configurable modules and open application programming interface (API) integration, MTWO ensures full project control, cost transparency and real-time intelligent data. 

This solution empowers architectural, engineering and construction firms to digitally transform their business, increasing efficiency, mitigating risk and reducing environmental impact. 

Retail: Aye Solutions’ Autonomous Retail Solution and Facial Recognition Payment 

Aye Solutions leads retail transformation with AI-powered solutions, including autonomous Retail Solution and Facial recognition Payment. 

These solutions automate retail operations, eliminate self-checkout and manual payments, provide actionable analytics for personalised marketing and champion sustainability by reducing reliance on printed materials. 

Public Safety: TD Tech’s MCCS and Xtrike Robotics’ Hospitality Robots 

TD Tech introduces MCCS, a public safety solution driven by AI, Big Data and mobile broadband. 

Deployed in over 100 countries, MCCS uses voice, video and GIS (geographic information system) to enhance end-to-end work efficiency in scenarios such as public safety, transportation, emergency command and rescue. 

Xtrike Robotics contributes to hospitality with Swiftbot and Kettybot robots that autonomously navigate indoor spaces for item delivery, ensuring safety and efficiency. 

Media and Entertainment: Sumavision’s 5G-enabled Portable Units for Live Streaming

Sumavision, with 23 years of experience in broadcasting solutions, launches 5G-enabled portable units for “Carry-on” live streaming transmission.
This solution — supporting multi-HD, 

4K/UHD and 8K/QUHD — offers low-cost, cable-free transmission with reduced operational costs compared to satellite transmission, making it ideal for content shooting, live events broadcasting and instant event capture. 

Manufacturing and Logistics: Omron’s AMRs 

Omron deploys Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for various tasks, including transportation, pallet lifting and inventory management. 

AMRs, unlike traditional automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomously navigated without the need for floor guidance, seamlessly adapting to new task demands. 

Utilizing 4G/5G networks, AMRs enhance the connection between operator monitoring and themselves, improving latency and stability in comparison to WiFi. 

Entertainment: Tencent Cloud/Riverse’s 5G-enabled Online Gaming 

Tencent Cloud/Riverse explores the world of online gaming with 5G-enabled solutions. The combination of network slicing, distributed cloud and edge computing ensures stable performance and ultra-low latency, creating an immersive gaming experience for players. 

Healthcare: Wavenet’s Mediwave for Emergency Medical Response 

Wavenet introduces Mediwave, revolutionising emergency medical response with the integration of AI, big data, Internet of medical things (IoMT), and mixed reality technologies. 

The connected smart ambulance, equipped with mixed reality technology, facilitates automated, rapid data transmission with low latency for critical and immediate care. This not only reduces fatalities but also expedites recovery through timely interventions. 

Communication and Entertainment: Ericsson’s Holographic Communication and Connected Ambulance 

Ericsson explores holographic communication, delivering real-time 3D representations of remote persons using 5G. 

This application serves both enterprise users and consumers, addressing productiveness and experiential goals. 

In the healthcare domain, Ericsson’s Connected Ambulance showcases real-time connectivity facilitating remote ultrasound scans and opening new possibilities for remote diagnosis and preventative healthcare. 

Education: Ericsson’s 5G Immersive Learning and Smart Home Communications 

Ericsson’s 5G Immersive Learning transforms education by enabling interactive metaverse communication for practical experiences in virtual labs. 

Additionally, Smart Home Communications using 5G offers flexible voice services across various devices, enhancing user experiences and revenue growth for mobile network operators (MNOs). 

Network: Ericsson’s FWA and 5G for Connected Enterprises 

Fixed wireless access (FWA) emerges as a prominent 5G use case, addressing the global demand for fast and reliable broadband. 

Ericsson predicts significant growth in FWA connections by 2028, with nearly 80% being over 5G. 

  • This article first appeared in The Malaysian Reserve weekly print edition


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