YTL partners Nvidia to build Malaysia’s AI infrastructure and ecosystem

by RADZI RAZAK / pic credit: PMO

YTL Power International Berhad (YTL) announced a collaboration with tech giant Nvidia to build AI infrastructure that will bring the fastest supercomputers to Malaysia by the middle of 2024.

The announcement was made today at a meeting between the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang.

“Jensen (Huang) expressed his willingness to support this desire and informed Nvidia that it agreed to help develop the AI ecosystem in Malaysia through support in the construction of a centre of excellence to facilitate AI learning and research, in addition to the creation of Malaysia’s own AI Cloud system,” Anwar said in a statement after the meeting today.

Also present were Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry (Miti) Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Abdul Aziz and Managing Director of YTL Power International Berhad Datuk Yeoh Seok Hong.

The partnership to build an AI data centre involves an investment of RM20 billion of which has already started by YTL for the the latest H100-powered supercomputer in order to create an AI Cloud system based in Malaysia.

“Nvidia’’s decision to invest in Malaysia is a clear signal that foreign investors, especially the world’s technology giants, continue to make Malaysia a preferred investment destination in the region.

“Before heading home, Jensen joked with me that today he finally got to meet the ‘Prime Minister of ‘AI’,” said Anwar referring to his initials.

Meanwhile, YTL said the AI infrastructure will be hosted in the YTL Green Data Center Park in Kulai, Johor, a 500 MW facility developed by YTL that will be uniquely powered by an equivalent amount of on-site solar energy

YTL Communications Sdn Bhd, the telecommunications subsidiary of YTL, will own and manage the AI infrastructure that will provide AI computing services to the nation. YTL Communications owns and operates a national mobile network and was the first to offer 4G and 5G services in the country under its “Yes” brand.

The AI infrastructure will provide the foundation for scientific research and the development of solutions and applications that will accelerate Malaysia’s progress towards becoming an AI nation.

“This collaboration with NVIDIA comes at an opportune time. In the 12 months since the launch of ChatGPT, we have seen how AI is changing the way we work, live, and learn.

“Having our own supercomputing infrastructure and the ability to train talent locally will accelerate Malaysia’s advancement towards being a top AI nation. This will be the foundation for a digital economy powered by innovative solutions and applications built on our very own sovereign LLM,” said Yeoh in another statement.