Forging Ahead: Neverinstall’s Windows Cloud PC Takes On Tech Giants

BANGALORE, India, Dec. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Neverinstall, a deep tech startup headquartered in Bangalore, has confidently entered the arena of heavyweight tech competitors, challenging its industry titans and other established Desktop-As-A-Service (DaaS) providers. The company’s evolution from its origins as Linux-based Cloud PCs has been nothing short of revolutionary, marked by rapid technological advancements. It also marked its own standing as the first Cloud PC to be built out in India. Among these milestones, the seamless integration of AI across the operating system and the introduction of CloudLink—a feature facilitating effortless connectivity across users’ existing cloud resources through Neverinstall’s intuitive interface—stand as testaments to the company’s innovation. It also claimed G2’s top 3 DaaS providers spot in 2023, in the leagues of Citrix and V2, with the sole Linux Cloud PC offering.

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Backed by Funds in the likes of Speciale Invest, Callepina Capital, Dholakia Ventures, and with other angel investors, this seed stage startup has on-boarded over 7 lakh users on the platform before the Windows OS release, the end users were largely developers, designers, education platforms, and enterprises, as well as government services. Largely word of mouth driven growth in the initial years, combined with a highly retentive cohort of users has contributed to the organic expansion and product led growth cycles for Neverinstall. With the GPU enabled Windows offering in place, the addressable market has also expanded to video editors and graphic designers requiring larger memory, gamers requiring higher specifications, and of course, the everyday casual user simply searching for a much needed alternative to a hardware limitation.

This recent leap forward represents a monumental achievement: a Windows-based cloud PC boasting unparalleled advancements in latency reduction and the delivery of GPU-enabled robust hardware, all accessible through a simple web browser. What distinguishes Neverinstall is its user-centric design and remarkable affordability, positioning it as an irresistible alternative to entrenched competitors like Windows 365, VMWare, Citrix, and others. The company’s steadfast dedication to delivering potent computing capabilities at significantly reduced costs cements its standing in the market. It stands entirely in line with the campaign kickstarted around the launch, #ReachWithinPower stresses on the scalability, and accessibility of the product.

Gartner Research highlights the robust growth in the cloud market, with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) remaining the largest segment by end-user spending, projected to grow 17.9% to reach $197 billion in 2023. Microsoft’s endeavours to shift Windows to the Cloud, alongside emerging contenders like Jio Cloud PCs, serve as benchmarks for the trajectory of the remote working landscape. Neverinstall’s foray into this competitive space signals a promising future, poised to redefine the norms of remote computing.

Neverinstall, possessing the advantage of catering to both the B2C and B2B sectors, offers a distinctive solution to the burgeoning normalisation of cloud computing. The company’s approach revolves around continuous iteration based on user feedback, strategically addressing pain points, and fundamentally reshaping the way IT departments and users handle the age-old challenges associated with creating and deploying workstations across organisations of any scale.

Neverinstall has positioned itself as an agile player in the cloud computing space, allowing for swift adaptations and improvements that directly tackle user pain points. This user-centric methodology not only enhances the end-user experience but also provides IT departments with a streamlined approach to offloading historical burdens associated with managing and deploying workstations across global organisational structures.

For B2C end-users seeking a personal cloud computing experience, Neverinstall provides fixed cloud charges for unlimited usage, an intuitive design facilitating rapid space setup, scalability, and an interface that emulates a native PC experience even at extremely low internet speeds. Coupled with excellent customer support and compatibility across various devices—mobiles, tablets, and PCs—Neverinstall ensures seamless performance even on low-end hardwares, a facet unmatched in the market.

For B2B enterprises spanning small to mid to large scales, Neverinstall eliminates IT department interference in setting up, deploying, and maintaining Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDIs) globally. It significantly slashes egress costs related to cloud resources by up to 70%, introducing intuitive features like auto-pause to prevent unnecessary cloud charges during idle resource usage. Its collaboration tools seamlessly unite diverse teams across devices and locations, rendering Neverinstall a pioneer in resolving critical pain points for enterprises, and setting a new standard in cloud computing.

Lakshman Pasala, Co-Founder of Neverinstall, provided more insight into the company’s strategy, stating, “Our objective is to offer users on-demand internet computers directly from their browsers. Over the past 18 months, we have experienced organic user growth, which has allowed us to focus on solving various engineering challenges. Our plan for the next 18 months includes initiating our go-to-market strategy, scaling the product, and open-sourcing several technologies developed inhouse.”

On December 7th, 2023, this product launched via Product Hunt, offering a cutting-edge cloud computing experience that is both technologically advanced and intuitively user-friendly on a global scale. It was initially soft-launched the day before to an active user base, receiving a glowingly positive reception, with consumers swiftly embracing the new features, speed, and seamless native experience, and the subscriptions rolling in.

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