Local Advocacy Organization, Keep Boston Goat Free, Celebrates Goat Ban in City of Boston

City of Boston bans goats amidst increase in nuisance complaints

BOSTON, Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This week, in a unanimous vote, Boston City Council enacted a ban on goats within the city limits of Boston. The council passed order 1802, which amended the City of Boston Code, Ordinance Section 16 1.9G to expand the existing ban on guinea pigs to include goats. Local advocacy organization, Keep Boston Goat Free, which had repeatedly raised the concerns over goats to city council was pleased with the decision.

“This was democracy at work. The people of Boston and concerned citizens everywhere worked hard to convince the City Council that this was a serious issue and we’re thrilled that our voices have been heard,” said Mike Nemeth, President of Keep Boston Goat Free.

Reports of goat-related nuisance complaints had risen over 300% this year on the city’s 311 service. One of the concerned citizens was Sylvie Thayer, a teacher within District 2, City Council President Ed Flynn’s district. “I’d just had enough of the smell. When no one was taking my concerns seriously, I turned to Keep Boston Goat Free to amplify my voice,” said Sylvie.

Ed Flynn, City Council President, presided over the vote and shared his support. “The City of Boston deserves to be a place where citizens can enjoy their lives – and clearly it has become a problem for anyone to do so with the increase in goat complaints. I look forward to working with Keep Boston Goat Free on protecting our freedoms from goats.”

Ordinance Section 16 1.9G goes into effect immediately and Keep Boston Goat Free reminds everyone that if you see a goat in Boston, you can report it to the city’s 311 service via app or email.


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