Jonathan Emord, Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate, Endorses Donald J. Trump for President of the United States

CLIFTON, Va., Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Jonathan Emord, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate and constitutional litigator dubbed the “FDA Dragon Slayer”, has announced his endorsement of Donald J. Trump for President. Emord’s endorsement unites two influential figures in American politics and law, symbolizing a powerful alignment in pursuit of preserving the nation’s foundational principles and advancing a real conservative agenda. Emord’s backing also highlights a joint dedication to safeguarding the liberties and freedoms that define our country.

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Jonathan Emord, Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate, Endorses Donald J. Trump for President of the United States

His statement of endorsement follows:

“I encourage all Virginians and Americans to support President Trump as he campaigns on a record of unparalleled achievements. As our Republican nominee, President Trump will offer a clear contrast with the failed administration of Joe Biden. Biden has turned each Trump success into a Biden failure.

“Biden has endangered American security and prosperity by projecting weakness to the world and appeasing our enemies and by replacing free enterprise with socialism. Compromised and corrupted from years of selling out America to its enemies for personal financial gain, Biden has given us record high grocery and gas prices; an open border controlled by criminal cartels that pour into America sex traffickers, drug traffickers, criminal gangs, and murderous fentanyl; rampant crime; a weakened military; a bloated radical leftist bureaucracy that overregulates; a two-tiered system of justice; a weakened, woke military; and the ever present threat of terrorist attacks and war.

“By contrast, Trump secured our borders; vanquished terrorism; restored our military; cut taxes and regulation to produce a roaring economy; enabled the United States to become energy independent and an energy exporter; appointed defenders of the Constitution to the Supreme Court; countered the abuses and threats of communist China; facilitated peace in the Middle East through the Abraham Accords; and removed the United States from international agreements detrimental to America’s sovereignty and interests.

“Having rescued America from ruin before, President Trump is best able to do it again. I therefore endorse Donald J. Trump to be America’s next President.”

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A graduate from the University of Illinois and DePaul University College of Law, Jonathan Emord served as an attorney in the Federal Communications Commission during the Reagan administration. He would later win eight cases against the Food and Drug Administration in federal court, more than any other attorney in American history, earning him the nickname “FDA Dragon Slayer.” A leading constitutional law and litigation expert, he is the author of five books and is a columnist for and USA Today. He is married to Sheryl Emord, and they have two children, twins Justice and Angelica.

With a distinguished 38-year career and recognition as a critically acclaimed author, Jonathan Emord is running to bring his vast legal experience, deep understanding of government regulation, and dedication to the principles that founded our nation to the U.S. Senate.

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