Hilton Kuching’s grand transformation redefining biz gatherings

Every aspect of the revamped facilities reflects harmonising elegance, sustainability and cutting-edge technology 

by NURUL SUHAIDI / Pics courtesy of Hilton Kuching

AFTER over 30 years of setting the standard with a strong hospitality legacy, Hilton Kuching has recently unveiled its most significant and breathtaking revamp which sets a remarkable transformation as it transcends time, being one of the oldest hotels in the heart of Kuching, Sarawak. 

Featuring iconic riverside landmarks, the rejuvenation and upgraded facilities goes beyond mere luxury and aesthetics. Every aspect of the revamped facilities reflects harmonised elegance and sustainability guided by cutting-edge technology. 

Within these walls, travellers are offered a perfect harmony of luxury experience and environmental responsibility, with a seamless integration of leisure, work and relaxation. 

Hilton Kuching GM Adrian Teh stated that the hotel transformation will redefine luxury stays, business gatherings and contribute to hotel growth. He is optimistic that pent-up demand will remain strong and robust. 

“The renovation has been in the making for the past year. It has been a long process, but we believe that our final product will be something that is truly amazing and one that our customers will love,” he said at the recent Meetings Redefined: Unveiling a New Era event at Hilton Kuching. 

The renovation, despite still ongoing, sees a complete transformation of the contemporary guest rooms, with amenities and elevated gym facilities, restaurants and cafe. Phase 2 and the remaining overall renovation are set to be fully completed in the first quarter of next year (1Q24). 

“So far, the immediate response is really outstanding. The occupancy and demand for a new product was already strong in 1Q23 and 2Q23. The back end of the year remains very robust. We are completely optimistic about 1Q24,” he said. 

Hilton Kuching is also well positioned to support the meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) sector with its services, raising the bar for gathering experiences with thoughtful renovations that improve every aspect of the stay. 

“We believe that there is a lot of business coming into the chain and we are well positioned to absorb that business, to facilitate and provide a service and product that is worthy of a five-star hotel in Kuching,” Teh added. 

Teh states that the hotel transformation will redefine luxury stays, business gatherings and contribute to hotel growth

Upgrades and Sustainability Features

Its newly upgraded Grand Ballroom, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and sustainable practices, is not just providing spaces — it is crafting experiences for both the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) communities. 

The key focus is centred around the energy and waste conservation efforts to promote environmental responsibility and mindfulness at Hilton Kuching. 

It is noted that the hotel avoids single-use plastics by using glass bottles for meetings and events, and serving snacks that are free of single-use plastics. Not only that, the recyclable-friendly pens and stationery made from cardboard materials are also provided. 

The meeting rooms are linen-free, eliminating water wastage associated with laundry. 

Hilton Kuching’s commitment to environmental sustainability was recognised in 2022 when it won the Gold Award for the Recycling Project with Hope Place. 

Since then, the hotel has embraced eco-friendly practices across its operations, from responsible sourcing to cutting-edge technologies that reduce energy consumption. 

“Some of the critical aspects of environmental, social and governance (ESG) for us are around energy consumption, water consumption and gas consumption. 

“These are innately the largest part of any operation and you will know around the hotel we are now fitted with completely new LED lights which reduce our consumption immensely,” Teh added. 

This grand pre-function room is a testament to Hilton Kuching’s readiness to cater to the MICE sector

Redefining Business Gatherings

Revamping Hilton’s business functionality, the redesigned Hilton Kuching rooms are carefully crafted to cater to the comfort of both work and business travellers, ensuring a seamless blend of work and relaxation. The rooms are flooded with natural sunlight and offer breathtaking river views. 

High-speed WiFi, advanced audio-visual systems and tech-savvy amenities are built in, to ensure that your events are not only elegant but also seamlessly connected, fostering an environment conducive to productivity. 

This setup enhances the ambience for any event, merging sophistication with advanced audio-visual experiences. Equipped with 85-inch interactive touchscreen TV panels, wireless capabilities and laptop mirroring, these rooms provide state-of-the-art amenities for seam-less meetings. 

Within the business suites, clients have the option to select either Premium or Standard Meeting Packages, with the former offering an elevated experience. 

Premium Packages include personalised setups, exquisite dish presentation and individual plating for guests. Meeting attendees can enjoy freshly brewed coffee from specialised machines, enhancing their overall experience. 

The hotel also offers clients “Reset & Recharge” packages which enable guests the convenience of seamlessly conducting business while enjoying a refreshing stay at Hilton Kuching’s newly renovated rooms.

For business gatherings, Teh stated that early indications imply strong demand into 1Q24 and beyond.

“Whilst our conference space has been under renovation for maybe the last six months, we remain optimistic that demand will continue to pick up and we will see more and more face-to-face events at Hilton Kuching,” he said to the media.

Hilton Kuching also looks forward to facilitating and providing both state and federal government functions, as well as the business community, with unparalleled gathering space for corporate excellence.

The hotel’s culinary choices reflect its commitment to sustainability and creating a mindful dining experience

Sustainable Culinary Offerings

At the intersection of tradition, innovation and furthering its commitment to sustainability, Hilton Kuching takes pride in its culinary offerings, a carefully curated journey spotlighting locally sourced, sustainable ingredients indigenous to Sarawak.

As part of this transformation, Hilton Kuching also aims to promote health and wellbeing with an emphasis on ESG principles — its menu features a delightful array of choices.

This thoughtful selection not only celebrates the rich flavours of the region, but also significantly reduces the hotel’s carbon footprint.

“The other areas of concern that we’re focusing on include seeking sustainable seafood. We make sure that we source it in a sustainable way and also make sure that we do not buy caged eggs.

“So, most of the eggs that we consume, which make up a big portion of the consumption in any hotel, have to be cage-free eggs. And that’s one of our limits towards ESG initiatives and a more sustainable and greener future,” he said.

From revitalising detox juices to beloved signature dishes such as “cucur udang”, “mi kolok”, “laksa Sarawak” and “roti jala”, each culinary creation is a testament to Hilton Kuching’s dedication to sustainability and fostering a conscious dining experience.

“By incorporating locally produced ingredients, we not only support local communities but also uphold our commitment to environmental stewardship, ensuring that each dish resonates with our guests’ wellbeing and supports a sustainable future,” Teh added.

Having been in operation for over 100 years, he emphasised that the hotel’s success is rooted in the service and culture within Hilton, along with the dedicated individuals who operate the hotel, consistently providing friendly and reliable service to all customers.

“I believe that Hilton Kuching is, without a doubt, the number one hotel in Kuching. We have stood the test of time in this market. We continue to revamp, innovate and drive our teams to become better to provide a better level of service,” Teh concluded.

For more information on reservations or to learn more about the Grand Ballroom and meeting packages, please visit www.hilton.com/en/hotels/kuchitw-hilton-kuching/.

  • This article first appeared in The Malaysian Reserve weekly print edition


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