Revolutionize Your Culinary Experiences with Dreo’s Cutting-Edge Countertop Cooker, ChefMaker, Now Available in the UK.

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dreo, a leading innovator in smart home appliances, is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest creation in the UK: the sleek and intelligent Dreo ChefMaker. This state-of-the-art countertop cooker comes equipped with the groundbreaking CombiCook technology, poised to redefine the culinary landscape by enhancing the capabilities of traditional cooking devices like air fryers, grills, and sous-vide machines.

Dreo ChefMaker

Innovative Smart Tech to Transform Culinary Practices

Dreo ChefMaker utilizes patented CombiCook technology to deliver precise cooking results with just the push of a button. Designed in collaboration with master chefs, this appliance automatically adjusts moisture, heat, and time to cook food of any shape or size to perfection. CombiCook divides the cooking process into different stages, replicating the techniques used by professional chefs and providing an intelligent and precise cooking experience.

Launching with monumental success, the Dreo ChefMaker galvanized the Kickstarter, swiftly becoming the popular household appliance of 2023. A stellar crowd-funding campaign witnessed the sale of over 7,358 units, accruing upwards of $1.7 million USD. Globally, the ChefMaker has garnered immense praise, crossing 11,000 units in sales. This innovation’s allure lies in its simplicity of use, rapid cooking execution, and leading-edge features.

Revolutionize your culinary experience with minimal effort

With specialization for the UK’s distinct culinary preferences, ChefMaker seamlessly integrates into the fabric of British kitchens. Its intelligent design and customizable AI-driven features make it indispensable for hastening meal prep without yielding taste. Whether you crave the crunch of golden fries or the tenderness of a well-cooked steak, ChefMaker delivers with versatility and ease.

Dreo’s unwavering commitment to ingenuity and aesthetic has culminated in an appliance that captures the essence of reliability and elegance. This tool is not just a boon for kitchen enthusiasts but a cornerstone for those who appreciate culinary excellence paired with smart technology.

Sizzling Early Bird Deals Launch ChefMaker into UK Kitchens

Seize the chance to upgrade your kitchen with Dreo’s ChefMaker. UK culinary aficionados can now revel in the pre-order perks with an attractive $20 discount on their purchase. Unleash your inner chef with Dreo’s ChefMaker and embrace a future where every meal is a masterpiece. For more information about the Dreo ChefMaker and to avail of the early bird deals, visit


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